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Alcohol Inks: A to Z Links (& plain ol' alcohol with mixers too) :O)

alcohol ink links

I couldn't wait for the next day's post to share some alcoholic excitement, so let's pretend it's tomorrow, ok? Which means there'll be no post on thursday feb. 5th 'cuz this is it, right? (other than this one, if you haven't seen it yet..) Nope, I'm not drunk, ROFL! but...

me thinks, for someone who doesn't drink, I sure likes me some alchomahol!...
(she said in an inebriated schlurrrr.)
...alcohol ink that is! ;O) In honour of the new colours coming out (NTS: must sell old stamps to buy alcohol!) here are some alcohol links:

ETA: IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE on misting alcohol inks. Mist without blending solution "While at the Ranger Booth at CHA, Tim Holtz said, "Please do not put the blending solution in the mini misters. There is a resin that when sprayed could get onto your eyes and stay there forever!!!" from this thread on SCS. Seems like something that should be printed on the bottle.

" Please Note:
a couple of these links are for distress inks (water-based dye inks) since I find that on paper they can be used interchangeably with alcohol inks (alcohol-based dye inks). You can spritz alcohol inks & even mix them in a big bowl of water: dip paper! (See those tricks by Donna under the letters S & U.)

New to inks? Then the first basic thing you'll want to know is that alcohol inks specialize in non-porous surfaces (acrylic, glass, metal...), but can be used on paper too (especially glossy or metallic cardstock); while, distress inks are for porous surfaces. I say, if it's kickin' around, ink it! :O) Alcohol inks have a concentrated colour that is difficult to beat."

A---Alcohol inks 101 by Jenn

All about alcohol inks by Julie

alcohol ink reference guide

alcohol and acrylic paint

B---Bandanna technique (invented by Robin Beam) Links & Version with SU stuff here &

Brads& Bezels coloured with alcohol ink here

Billie used alcohol inks on mirror cardstock

C---Copic ink refills as alcohol inks by Ellen &
some alcohol ink-like Copic techniques &
Copic polished stone by Ellen

Crackle paint with alcohol inks over it

An empty Copic markers gets drunk (no not the sorry saga of Copic losing his purpose in life & drowning his sorrows in the bottle but a brilliant idea from Lisa, of Mona Lisa Moments.) Make sure there's no blending solution in the marker when you use the air gun though (Please see safety note above.)

D---Drunken watercolour by Jody (adding alcohol to reinker to faux Copic colour!)

Drunken Chalks (SCS tut) by Beate

Dropping alcohol ink technique by Marti

Drunken scotch technique SCS thread (explanation is in post #11)

E---Embossed version of Robin's Bandanna technique (mucked about with by moi)

F---Faux tin tile (tinfoil & cuttlebug/big shot embossing) & Fabric with stamping & alcohol by Patti (with Copics but Ranger alcohol inks would work)

Faux Tin Tile (moi)

Four ways to use alcohol inks by Jen

Fragments with embossed fragments & brayered alcohol ink tag! (by Tim)

G---Gesso distressing with alcohol inks

Gorgeously great technique Tutorial by Tim on how to remove alcohol ink with archival ink

H---Homemade alcohol inks (?) & A great review on making your own alcohol inks & You can make your own Homemade "Thickers" (die cut fun foam painted with alcohol inks)

I---Ink blending foam (The original but you can also Do it yourself too just stick foam on an acrylic block or old wooden stamp handle/block (the side of the block works well). You can make your own ink blending felt too. Cut light coloured felt to size & use it.) :O)

Inebriated butterfly (Lovely Alcoholic Butterfly tutorial by Michele.)

J---Just go crazy: Dying fur suits with alcohol & sharpie guts! (TOO fun!)

K---Kelly shows us how to tint photographs (SO kewl)

L---Love this! Tie Die with Sharpie pen & alcohol

M--- Mossy Owl's 10 ways to use alcohol inks & M is for Mixing them up (You can blend colours to make your own favourite custom colours & Metallics too. Keep track of "recipes" by listing number of drops, so you can repeat your custom blends)

Masks & alcohol inks by Lynn (She uses Heidi Swap, but maybe Tim's new ones or cut your own from Vinyl!?!) :O)

Magnet with memory glass & alcohol inks by Deena

N---Nifty technique (spinner video with Tricia)

O---Ornaments with alcohol inks on Ranger site & Ornaments with alcohol ink by Christie

P---Painting on acetate with alcohol inks by Tim & Painting glitter letters too! & by Roni found thanks to Trish D

Perfect Pearls & Alcohol inks on Acetate

Perfect Pearls & Alcohol on glossy paper by Donna

Polymer clay coloured with alcohol inks from

Q---Quite a nice Colour wash technique by Monica

R---Review on alcohol inks on Craft Critique by Kristine & Ranger website & their demo videos

S--- Stuff to try?: Shimmerz/Pearlex/Perfect Pearls in your alcohol inks & a Scor-Pal grid on fun foam inked with alcohol inks & SCS alcohol ink tutorial

Scraptime alcohol ink demo video by Christine & Scraptime video on distress ink background
& the on acrylic

Sherry's Alcohol ink on Fragments tutorial

Spritz your alcohol ink by Donna (Make sure there's NO blending solution in the marker when you use the air gun though. (Please see safety note above!)

T---What else could "T" be for but Tim Holtz demo videos:

U---Unique look with Memory glass (from Michael's)

Even more Unique idea to put alcohol ink in a bowl of water & add cardstock to it by Donna (glossy or metallic cardstock would be great)

V---Various Alcohol ink techniques here

W-- Wrinkle free distressing with Metallic Mixatives annnnd Distress ink technique that's be neat with alcohol inks: I finally figured out why Tim's technique is called Wrinkle-free Distressing! (You all probably already knew this, but I always wondered!) This video has both the Wrinkle and the Wrinkle-free Distressing: Great Video here

X---XXX <--as in hooch or alcohol that you drink, heehee & Glasses for it painted with alcohol ink by Karen

Y---You can make your own homemade dewdrops with gluegun & alcohol inks

Z---Zis is Zee End!, Zat'z right; Zat'z what I zed! ;O) hehehe

zee #1 thing I hafta try: colour white rub-ons with alcohol inks!

Cheers! Here's to your health! ;O)

P.S. Kids: don't drink ink! (Though a little sniffing never hurt anyone, anyone other than a brain cell or two...) ;O)

P.P.S. I'll add to this post when I stumble upon more alcoholic stuff. Right now I needa go a'drinking, oops I mean go a'inking!


Flippinpest said...

Wow this looks srcrumptious. I am just on my way to work and want to study this in depth grrrrrr. I suppose it will have to wait until later :-( Enjoy your alcohol and mixer lol

Emily said...

Great links, thank you! Bit confussed as Alcohol inks and Distress inks are different but there are some realy useful links for both here, thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel

Thanks for linking to my site, glad you liked the mirror board idea. I used Ranger Archive ink to stamp over the alcohol ink.

Mirror board gives a great melted/holographic effect if you scorch it with a heat tool :)

Like your site will be back

Billie :)

retiredheather said...

Mel, I cannot thank you enough for all the work you did to create this so very useful list. I have already gone to some of the sites you list and they are fantastic. This is just too much. Thanks

Elena said...

You are amazing, Mel!!! Thank you very much for all these links!

Norine said...

Just wanted to thank you for always sharing these wonderful tips & tech love you blog and want you to know how much I think everyone appreciates the work you put into bringing us all these creative ideas

Annapurna said...

You are such a wealth of information. Thanks for all the links. Now I might, I just might use my alcohol inks or just sniff them and get a kick out of it that way :-)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Mel! Thanks for bringing these links together for us, all these alcohol concoctions are making my head spin! (with ideas);)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great, great list! This will be fantastic to come back to over and over!

Thanks for the link to my homemade alcohol ink recipe (under H). I experimented with several types of fabric dyes and can up with some interesting conclusions. Alcohol ink is one of my favorite scrapbooking supplies to use with polymer clay. There is nothing quite like having those deep rich colors to play with!

Alley said...

Wonderful is all I can say...I have them and never used them as I am afraid to..haha. Now, with your links I will have to do one.

Debby said...

Reading your blog just makes me feel so happy and always puts a smile on my face :-) You have such a terrific sense of humor. Thanks for all you share with us. Take care.

Cynde said...

Hells Bells Mel...Me thinks were all going to intervention with all this Alcohol pointers you've given us!! ROFL You are so Funny! and I always get your humor, which is kinda scarey just by itself!

Seriously though... Thanks so much for all the great info and links! I truly mean it. You are always so fun and fresh. Giving so much time to others by organizing all this info for all of us.I truly do appreaciate it.

C said...

You are, as they say, "DA BOMB"!! Great links and information.

LORi said...

Loving your blog Mel!!!! Thanks for looking at my tutorial on CCB, so happy you liked it!!


Tami Bayer said...

You have the very best lists of tutorials out there. Love this. I made a short video tutorial on painting with alcohol inks. The link is on my blog on the top right.

Sally Lynn MacDonald said...

This is a lovely compendium! I am checking on one thing this morning. I believe the warning regarding spraying Ranger Alcohol Blending solution also applies to their ink. I know the Ranger Alcohol Blending solution has resins in it, which, once airborne could get in your lungs and harden. So I am going to follow up on this immediately about the inks, since I saw a gal saying she was putting the ink into empty Copic Markers and airbrushing with it. I already posted a quick FYI/caution on her blog.

Now for more *fun* news - COPIC Blending Solution is non-toxic. It does not have RESINS in it - so the same warning does not apply. Simply take care to work in a well-ventilated area. That was one of the things that I was so excited about when I first came across them since I'm certified in both companies' products. I'll lyk what I find out.

mayshomemade said...

great blog i have some iems painted with alcohol ink here check them out

janfoxdesigns said...

Hi Mel, I make alcohol ink from cheap markers and have a Youtube video on how I do it if anyone is interested.

smiles Jan

Nancy B. said...

Now how am I suppose to get any work done today if you keep posting such awesomeness?! I googled alcohol inks vs. distress inks and your blog was third on the list! Thanks for all the work you put into this Mel!

p.s. got my bigshot finally!! Having so much fun!!