Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crackle Paint Links :O)

Had a quiet but loving weekend at my grandparents this weekend with a bunch of my sweet family. I am so lucky to be able to spend time with them! They are so wonderful! My Nana celebrates her birthday this week. She's in her mid-eighties, but she's so vital and vibrant and loving. So is my good ol' Papa!

Since love is in the air lately, here's some links on somethin' I love:

Crackle Paint Texture....

Tim Holtz Distress crackle paint:

1) Tips on Distress crackle paint from Ranger

Projects from Ranger site:

1) Crackle flower
2) Grungeboard tag (see Tim explain how to make it here)
3) & the tutorial for how he made it is here

Tim's projects with it:

1) Metallic crackle paint & alcohol ink
2) Crackle tag base (on paper)
3) Partial crackling (on parts of paper)
4) More partial crackling on a Halloween tag
5) Crackle Snowman
6) Stamping with Tim Holtz Distress crackle paint (She has a cool sticker trick on a ruler too!)
7) Crackle flowers on gem purses
8) Use a marker to do edges of grungeboard or chipboard

...Ouuu and this is by ranger too: Crackle accents (it's clear) gots ta get me some of that! Isn't Deborah's project gorgeous?

Crackle accents by Ranger (Clear):

1) Product here
2) Altered postcard on Ranger site
3) Crackle accents on chipboard pieces

Some Ranger Distress Crackle Paint Links:

1) All the colours it comes in
2) Metallics & White
3) Jennifer's great video Love how she plays with Mixing colours!
4) Another great video by Christine
5) Write up by Tim Holtz on Distress Crackle Paint
6) Craft Critique write-up by Tami Bayer
7) Craft Critique article by Julia Stainton
8) Julia's Crackle frame
9) Gorgeous lettering by Rachel
10) Tim's tag (crackle paint on grunge board)
11) Tim's tag (crackle paint on paper)


Other Crackle brands etc...

1) Delta Crackle paint
2) paintedskywoman's crackle tutorial

1) Crackle with Elmer's glue by dsimthdesign

1) US Art Quest "101 Craze & Crackle"
2) Decoart crackle tutorial me likey the application she uses with the palette knife & the contrasting tone, & the glaze over top too. More info on their website
3) Grunge board (stamping and cutting it out! Brilliant!)
4) Cindy's stunning butterfly with ranger products
5) & her crackle butterfly
6) & her clothes pin inches with crackle squares

Hope you find some inspiration! :O)


Michelle Pearson said...

Glad you had a great weekend with grandparents Mel....we always enjoyed spending long weekends with my hubby's grandparents...but they are both gone now. Sweet Memories!

I've not tried crackle intimidates me....but I should someday! Thanks for the resources!!! I like the way you do your homework!! :)

Maria said...

Hey Mel! Happy birthday to your Nana!! It's so wonderful to spend time with family! In the end, everything else is of less importance compared to spending time with family and friends. I try to take that perspective whenever I have the urge to craft or blog rather than skipping out on family activities. LOL!

Thanks for all the links! Crackle paint texture is so cool! Never tried it but would love to one day!


Maria said...

oOPS, I meant to say I try to take that perspective whenever I have the urge to craft or blog rather than spending time with family!1 LOL!!

Crystal said...

Great to get to spend time with your family....

Love your work, the way you include old paper from dictionaries, etc....

Keep up the great work and glad your health is getting better!!!!

Elena said...

Thank you for sharing these links, Mel!!! Happy Birthday to your Nana!!!

Anonymous said...

Such fun! I haven't played with crackle paint in a while... hmm may have to revisit!