Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Round-Topped Butterfly Box

This is for Cathy's Blog Bash Challenge: to use a flower somewhere in your project. I love the big bursting flower buds in this stamp & it's never seen ink, so here it is. Ta da, LOL. You can play along here & win a sweet prize. (You can still join in the other challenges too!)

This project may look familiar: it's a round topped box template that's super hot right now. Thanks to "hawk" on SCS who was looking for it originally, this ol' SU template saw the light of day & there was an SCS challenge using it too, so now there are a million great ideas for it. This is my better-late-than-never?-springy-jelly-beanie take on it.

Turquoise jelly-bellies. How could I say no!?!

Snookum Stamp Image:

This stamp is the perfect size for this sweet box template. I adore the stamp designs of Leigh Hannan passionately. This Butterfly stamp is one of my very very favourites. It measures 3.2 inches in diameter. You'd think it was was made for this box!

The Template:

This is a Stampin' Up template! & a second one where I took the score lines out, so you can print it directly on cardstock & cut away the ink lines. (Love doin' that!)

The Template Deets:

Measurements: 6 inches tall, 3 1/2 inches wide, 1 6/8 inches deep. (The front basket part is 1 6/8 inches high)

Please Note (for Printing!): This box prints prints the best on borderless printing; otherwise you may lose bits!

Click the pictures above for the JPGs of the templates
(if you have any trouble with sizing, just let me know and I can email you JPGs (

Step 1) Print the template, cut, & score the box.

Lil' Tip:
I like to cut roughly & score before I cut the box out all the way. It makes seeing where to score easy. I used watercolour paper for the box. I madly lurve the texture of it. :O)

Step 2) Make scallop frame or ring (layer two nesties one inside the other & tape it on so it stays in place.)

Step 3) Stamp & Cut black shadow layer (cut larger than the coloured leaves image so it'll create a shadow when it's all stuck together.)

Step 4) Adhere strips of patterned papers to the box---These are all from the Urban Prairie Basic Grey 6x6 collection. (More of my blahblahblah about those cuties later.) :O)

Step 5) Pierce along patterned paper strips (through the box)

Step 6) Stitch it up (I used a straight stitch, zig zag, & a row of knots for fun) ;o)

Step 7) Adhere the scallop frame/ring to the round section.

Step 8) Stick on the black shadow layer

Step 9) Adhere the leaves onto shadow layer with Black Foam Tape or Dimensionals

Step 10) Pierce a butterfly trail (I temporarily placed the butterfly so it wouldn't get much wear.)

Step 11) Stitch the butterfly trail. These are just knots of varying sizes:

The Patterned Papers:

These papers are all from the Urban Prairie Basic Grey 6x6 collection. (I had a question from JB about it when I used some of the urban prairie on this LPS mushroom bookmark card, but she was "no reply" so I'm answering you here JB.) :O)

I can't get enough of these 6x6 Basic Grey packs. They're insanely economical (6 bucks for so many pieces!) so I thought I'd blab about 'em in case you were curious.

Selection: Love that these let you have loads of patterned papers that are all the rage--without breaking the bank. Having all those options helps you out of colour ruts too (something that happens to me often.)

Scale: One really neat thing for cardmaking--or other small scale work--is that the graphics on Basic Grey's 6x6 papers are smaller than the graphics on their larger ones. (That's a "no duh!" for some of you, but it took me a while to figure it out, since I had never had both the 12x12 & 6x6 of one pattern before.)

P.S. Tomorrow, a tutorial on how this butterfly medallion was done (aka. taking an image from sm'ugly to snifty, LOL.)


Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Mel, this is awesome! I love the colors you used PLUS all that hand sewing.

I am on spring break now and have a HUGE list of things I want to do and this box is on my list.

Kim Etherington said...

Love the springy colours.. MMmmmm jelly belly beans. Great detailed work as always.

Anonymous said...

This is so pretty Mel! I still have not inked that stamp yet - but I have plans for it!

Maria said...

Oooh wow,Mel. . such a gorgeous box. I'm totally lovin' the colors of the dp and wow that butterfly is gorgeous!! I may have to try that box out. . .thank you for the template! You're awesome, Mel! Hope you are feeling better!!


Elena said...

So pretty, Mel! I love Basic Grey DP too! Love your stitching and how you attached the butterfly!

Anonymous said...

You are going to cost me so much money! lol But this box is beautiful and I just registered at Paper Garden to buy it!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Erum Tasneem said...

This looks incredibly pretty! Now I gotta try this too, and I might just draw this stamp :S cuz I love it!
Thanks for the wonderful comments, I know the basket pic is not that clear, so i will be mailing you a better one than the one on my blog.
:o) wishing you a very very good health!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, I love it.
Thanks for sharing

Janine said...

WOW!! Your work is amazing... I love the quilted bookmark!