Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Framed Stamp Storage (Pretty Cheap & Easy): In Sight, In Mind--

Stampin' Storage du-du-done dirt Cheap... Sorry if that song is stuck in your head now, but maybe you'll forgive me when you find a new Stamp Room use for those ol' picture frames or vintage windows in your garage? (Or from garage sales!)

I was really excitipated about this idea since...

...It's sneaky stamp storage (for cling mounted or acrylic stamps.) Handy 'cause it keeps them from being out of sight out of mind; hence, you're less likely to forget what you've got & you're more likely to use it! Who knows, seeing your stamps in one place might even inspire new combinations of different sets.

...Glass is a perfectly safe surface to store your stamps on, BUT wherever you put them, just avoid direct light exposure or extremes in temperature so you can extend the life of your stamps. (That's why, as pretty as a mirror might be, I'd avoid it since it bounces light.)

...It can take seconds & it's so easy for you to personalize to your style: You can make these stamp storage frames in any size in less time than it takes to say Cheap Tricks: just stick stamps on a picture frame that you already have up, et voilà, or hang one you love in your stamping area. Now you have stamp storage, or you can customize it any way you like...

Some Customizing Ideas:

A -->Add a painted, paper-covered or stamped mat. (I altered the one that was in my frame already.)
B -->Be hyper-organized and register the stamps in behind the glass. (Though personally, I like to be able to shift them around to what is current without having to change the picture.)
C-->Cover the cardboard/backing of the frame to put anything you like in the frame: your favourite patterned paper, scrapbooking/photos, decoupaging, decor elements, embellishments...
D -->Decorate a whole wall by hanging a grouping of frames that have different companies or types of stamps on them. Here are some handy Martha tips for hanging multiple frames.
E-->Embellish the frame itself.

and my faves...
A-->Have a hutch or cupboard with glass doors in your workspace? You can use that glass as a storage area instead of a frame, or you could use an old glass top from a coffee table leaned against a wall.
B-->Use one small glass-fronted frame near your workspace as a place to store your dirty acrylic/cling stamps until you can clean them (prevent losing 'em)
C-->Find space you didn't know you had, by using more vertical space (hanging them up on a wall (or lean it on one), or mount it on the back of a door (or closet door) You can even slide it under a desk or dresser.

How this frame was altered:

I wanted an embossed & crackled mat (black on black)

It started life as an old mat combo and a wooden picture frame (that was gold previously) I had already painted the frame with black acrylic paint... Here's the matting process:

Step 1) Painted a raised part of the mat with Distress Crackle Paint ("Black Soot" by Tim Holtz/Ranger)

Step 2)
Painted the rest of the mat with black acrylic paint (slightly watered down)

Step 3)
Stamped the mat (with Versamark) &
this heavenly "Riley Tree" stamp by Leigh Hannan (not just for trees: it makes the loveliest square mats for cards or you can punch it out--gorgeous leafy texture...) :O)

Step 4) Sprinkled the Versamark stamping with Clear embossing powder (working in small sections of 3/4 stamps seemed to be less messy.)

Step 5) Glued old book pages down onto the backing of the frame (and attached it to the back of the mat & stuck it back in the frame.) Your favourite DP would look oh so perty. :O)

Then you can just stick your stamps on it:

You can use the whole glass front or just the area inside the mat. The plastic pieces are still on the front of these stamp sets, keepin' them identifiable & protected.

Hope this was useful to you,

P.S. photo note: "Handwriting" Photoshop brushes (used in the tutorial photos) are created by redheadstock & they can be found here.


Kim Etherington said...

Very pretty stamp holder. Lucky stamps, having such a nice place to hangout on.

NancyS said...

What a GREAT idea, Mel! I have just the place for such frames...I'll definitely be trying this. TFS.

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea!

Leigh said...

Mel, This is a great idea...I wish I had wall space to do this. I also love the embossing on the frame. I never would have thought of that. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

WOW- what a great idea! I was just talking with my sister on how to store these a better, easier way and this seems perfect! Thanks for sharing!


Linda Crowder said...

This is so cool. I was wondering how to display this type stamps. I keep my wooden ones out on bookshelves where I can see them. This is a novel idea. Thanks for sharing and the tutorial and instructions are superb!

Rebecca said...

Great idea. Thanks for the wonderful weblink, too. That will take some time to devour.

Beth said...

As always my friend a brilliant idea I have some old windows I could use my problem is finding wall space but I do love this.

Anonymous said...

Very clever Mel -I love the embossing!

Maria said...

Oh, such a pretty stamp storage. . .I may not want to remove the stamps. .they're displayed so nicely! LOL!

You come up with such great organization ideas. Arggh, my room dearly needs some major organization but I'm too messy to keep things clean for too long!!

Thanks for the idea. . .I may try it out one day when I can get a bigger craft room! LOL!


Elena said...

This idea is awesome! So inspirational and perfect for craft room! Thank you for sharing, Mel!

Melanie said...

very fun, thanks for the glas tip! I know Gina said storing them on some surfaces can make the EZ moun lose it's cling...