Monday, March 9, 2009

Tricks with Digital Images (Bookmark Card)

This bookmark card was made with one of the new digital images from Little Paper Shop for the latest challenge: "Got Digis?" To play along with us, simply to use a digital image on your card. You can read all about it here (& You can win a digital image of your choice too!)

I thought digital images were limited but nuh-uh!
You can do all sorts of things with Digital images
(some that might surprise you)...

1... Embossing 'em
2... Copic colouring
3...Paper piecing

Paper Piecing &
Embossing Digital Images:

Paper Piecing Digital Images:

These digital images have so many possibilities for layering. To paper piece this Katie Mushroom image, I just messed around a bit in photoshop & printed pieces of it, a super fast way to get layers.

The dress in printed on Basic Grey's Urban Prairie 6x6 paper.

Want to Emboss a Digital Image?

It's all about the cardstock. Generally, what I find works wonderfully: Vellum cardstock & metallics (any paper with a coating that allows the ink to remain wet for a little bit.) and the standard setting of your printer.

The cardstock I used here is my favourite cardstock for printing digis: it's called Poison Ivory from the Iridescent family (at Paper Temptress.) I lurve it because:

  • It's recommended by Copic instructors (and colours amazingly)
  • It lets you emboss (just have clear embossing powder ready when your page comes out of the printer, sprinkle & heat)
  • And it's got shimmer!
You'll love how much Patricia has it on sale for too: 40% off!

Some tricks that might work for you:

You can cut your bottom layers shorter & colour them to make the layering neat & tidy. The embossing protects the printer ink from bleeding when you use copic markers (me likey!)

I also drew a little smile on Katie with a Copic Multiliner.

A Wee Magical Garden:

Step 1)
Draw some stems & leaves with a white gel pen

Step 2)
pierce along the stems

Step 3)
Stitch along the stems (where you've peirced)

Step 4) Add little flowers of your choice.

I've pulled apart some Jolee's flower photo corners & coloured them with Copic markers.

Patterned Colour Stitching:

To create colour a stitching guide:

Step 1) Pierce where you'd like the stitching to be

Step 2) Choose your thread colours

Step 3) Pick markers that are a close match to your thread colours

Step 4) Colour the areas where you'd like the sewing to be
(You can also colour your pattern on the back of the cardstock, if you're worried about it showing.)

Step 5) Stitch away with no fear of sewing in the wrong spot and voila you have a pattern of coloured sewing...with a little more oomph than one colour.

Paper Scrap Quilted Bookmark:

You can use your paper scraps to make a quilted band of decorative paper (for any application: as a strip on a card or scrapbook page or a box or bag....) I've used it to make this bookmark...

The bookmark slides in behind the image on the card (since it's mounted with foam tape pieces so it creates a little area for the bookmark to sit.)

The sentiment on the bookmark says:

To read is to
cultivate the
magical gardens
of your mind

It's printed out onto Candido Incandescent cardstock; the card is made with this perty cardstock too. It has a golden shimmer to it that's pure magic (white with bling!) :O)

Hope this gave you some ideas &
that you join in with the Digi challenge!

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Allison Rankin said...

Utterly rock my world!

Debby said...

Beautiful and incredibly clever as always!

Elena said...

Oh, Mel! That is so cute! Love your brilliant idea! Thank you very much for making our carfting more fun!

Eva said...

WOW, this is soooo cool. I love that little image, too and your bookmark turned out amazing!!! Thank you for the fabulous tutorial!

Kim Etherington said...

I love the springness of this card, especially on a cold and snowy day. The little smile was definitely needed on the little girl. Love the paper on the bookmark and all the stitching. Cute cute cute!

Julia said...

Love this Mel! Brilliant : )

Sue from Oregon said... the stitching on the circle!

Diane (DeeDee) said...

wow this is a great idea. I did not know they were digital images to purchase. Thank you for sharing this with us.

jb said...

Hi I love the paper that is used for the 6 inch long bookmark. Where did you get it? I want some!!! thanks---

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card Mel! What a great idea!

Thanks for sharing your incredible work as always :)


Cathy said...

Another winner, Mel! I love this idea - the coloured stitching and the little flowers rock!

Anonymous said...

wow, the amount of work that you put into the card is amazing... I love all your work....

Mary said...

A huge thank you for this tutorial. You are the most fantastic card creator!

Bonnie said...

Fabulous Mel!! Love this little mushroom girlie!!

Jessica Diedrich said...

I seriously do not know what to say...except WOW WOW and WOW!!! I LOVE this and just hAVE to do this for my you saw I made her that Jena Book card and this would go PERFECT w it! She adores reading and I adore this idea!!!

Bea said...


Erum Tasneem said...

love love love love it Mel. Check my blog, I made that rounded basket!

Maria said...

Hey Mel, sorry I haven't been around for the past days. . .I've been sick as a dog all week. Arrrghh! I hate catching colds!

Looks like you've been busy!! Oooh, I love that digital image! So pretty! Your card is goorgous and love all your layering. What a fabulous idea to modify the photo corner embellishment. . .you always come up with such great idea. Beautiful job with the stitching and coloring the pretty image too.

I think I may just need to get that image. Thanks for sharing the link!!


Jennifer_GlitterInMyHair said...

Mel, this is AMAZING. Just amazing. I am sitting here speechless. Fabulous idea!!

jb said...

HELP does anyone recognize the bookmark paper---can ya tell me who makes it? I love it--it would be perfect altering a little girl's item with it. THANKS JUDY

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Hi JB, In hopes that you might check in here...I got the paper from Paper Garden Projects store here. It's Basic Grey's 6x6 packs Urban Prairie. It is THE sweetest collection.

Hope you find this message. You're no-reply on blogger so I couldn't email you. :O) I wrote a post about the 6x6 packs since they're SO kewl, but have a couple to post first...

Funny how I always feel I shouldn't be writing in here, LOL. Thank You for your WAY sweet comments Lovely Ladies! :O)

Anonymous said...