Saturday, April 18, 2009

{Forest Critters} Preview! (+ a new curvy-top luminary [or 3x3 box] template)

This was like the free-form painting and cutting and pasting I recall doing as a kid! TOO fun. When I got my hands on this splendidly cute new set called {Forest Critters} (from Little Paper Shop.) I knew I wanted to make a magical forest luminary. It's similar to other luminaries I've made before, but this one is made to fit those trees. It also has a simple template that you can whip together however you like. :O)

Two new bits of exciting news:

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2nd: There are some exciting give-aways to celebrate Little Paper Shop's birthday and the new sets. You can enter to win {Forest Critters} here:

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Make a forest luminary

  • Stamps
  • Template
  • Watercolour paper (if you want to paint it.)
  • Pearlescent Paints
  • Paper piercer, needle & thread
  • Black Craft ink & clear embossing powder & gold embossing powder
  • Patterned paper: 4 inch square piece (for base) & miscellaneous pieces for stamping trees.
  • Cuttlebug & embossing folder (Perfectly Paisley)
  • Wire & Wire cutter

This can work as a curvy box for 3x3 notecards & envelopes or a luminary...
Click here to Download the PDF templates

click these pictures for the JPGs:

Step 1)
Print template on watercolour paper (important if you want to paint it.) Cut it out, score the lines & paint it with Pearlescent Paints.

Tip: If you want really bold colour and the sparkle that comes with using Pearlescent Paints, just mix up some water in the paint as you normally would but then add reinker in the lid tray. The pearlescent paint-reinker mix makes for really vibrant hues (and endless variations for such an affordable price.)

Salt? I added a little salt to the wet paint for texture (removing it after it dried)

Step 2) Edge top with copper

Step 3)
Paint thick copper paint onto the sweet tree stamps

Step 4) Stamp the tree onto the skyline (varying heights)

Depending on how wet you paint, you may want to rescore the lines & flatten under a stack of books to eliminate any curling. After stamping, I used Squished Cuttlebug embossing to give it some texture (embossing it with the Perfectly Paisley folder then flattening it out a bit.)

Step 5) Pierce holes to make stars in the sky

Step 6) Stamp some trees on to patterned paper & cut out. These are embossed in gold. (Sorry not sure of the name of the paper; it was a gift from the super talented & ultra sweet Maria.)

Step 7) Glue the trees down on the box (trim some trunk bottoms to get different tree heights)

Step 8) Cut the extra bit off of the template shape and Sew the trees & add beads, if you like

Step 9) Cut a piece of cardstock to 4 square. Adhere the forest to it & trim off the front triangle

Step 10) Stamp the cutie of an owl & colour (this guy was embossed and painted copper)

Step 11) Cut a piece of wire & adhere the owl to it...

...and finally, adhere the owl to the luminary, so he can soar the skies!...

This set has so many cute critters in it that you could make a little pop up scene with them all; It releases on Tuesday (April 21st), so you can meet the owl's buddies then! ;o)

Hope you have a weekend
filled with fun!

(today the ol' blog should be called: Frolicking Forest Critters!)

Edited to add: I forgot to ramble about how to light this... In the pic it's just sitting in a sunny window, but a jar with a candle in it behind the forest would work (twinkles so nicely) or a safe option for a kid's nightlight: any of those battery operated lights.


Chris said...

Wow!! Mel, this is just gorgeous!! I love how you painted the luminary, the colors are wonderful. You are so creative!

Erum Tasneem said...

beautiful... too much work tho!
i love love love the colours... my fav!

Tracy said...

You literally blow me away with every posting! I don't know how you do...but I want some Ü

Valarie (vampme3) said...

Oh, Mel! This is just fabulous!! I'm not often tempted to make anything except cards or scrapbook pages, but I have to do one of these!! What a GREAT idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

WHOOT!!!! This is awesome!!

Jennifer Scull said...

super fun and quite lovely! very crafty and creative! :)

Mari said...

Oh, Mel! Gorgeous colors, great stamps! Just an excellent little piece all the way around. I adore the little star piercings... it should be the setting for a fairytale. :)

Cindy Haffner said...

Mel you are amazing, I love all the awesome stuff you do. AMAZING!!!!

Allison Rankin said...

Okay, now you are just being plain unfair! I would have like this even if it was just a card but a luminary?!? Jeebus!

Cynde said...

Mel this is just tooooo darn cute! I love all the different techniques you use. Makes it all so interesting and beautiful. Helps to remind me too. Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration. Where did you get the nice assortment of wire?

Bonnie said...

Oh my WORD!!! Terribly gorgeous Mel! Love the luminary and good grief!! where do you find the patience for all these things.....they would drive me bonkers!! This stamp set is perfect for this pretty gadget, Professor!!

Elizabeth *^..^* said...

Shut my mouth! This is outstanding and completely OVER THE TOP!! You completely outdid yourself!

Kim Etherington said...

How stunning. I LOVE the blues in the sky. Tree looks like one you drew along while ago, eh. See... you're just as talented as who's drawing for these companies.

Susan (rainy) said...

Oh my how wonderful.. how creative.. how absolutely brilliant!! Love your blog, Mel. I'm always inspired with every visit.

Chrissy's Creations said...

OhMyGosh that is so cute!

Libby Dyson said...

WOW Mel, this is fantastic. I love the curvey features and the colours you have used. Thank you also for being so generous and sharing the template with us.

soka said...

Brilliant !!!
I love this project, and theses colors, and textures, and the little owl ... love all ! said...

Mel! This is a great idea! I am already thinking Halloween - maybe a group of creaky old houses! Love the idea. This translates well to all holidays!

Elena said...

Wow! BEAUTIFUL! GORGEOUS! Really love the vibrant colors, and scene you created! Thank you Mel for the wonderful tutorial!

Unknown said...

An absolutely stunning creation!! Gorgeous!

Nathalia Castellon said...

Mel, I'm still not done gaping at this luminary! You went above and beyond making this such a stunning piece of artwork! xoxox-Nathalia