Monday, April 20, 2009

Got some thrilling news (I'm branching out!!!!!) :O)

I've been sitting on some exciting news!...

...and I'm still flippin' out, 'cause I can't believe I'm a Caardvark! Squeeeeeeek! (Doesn't that sound like a creature made of paper, who snarfles up beads 'n' brads instead of ants?) If I was a critter, that's the critter I'd be! (Wait a minute! I am that critter!) ;O)

A...Intro to cardvaarks!
B...A tree challenge (& prize) from Taylored Expressions & inspiration link list paper freebies (with trees & tree text)

And 1...Ways to customize digital paper

cheap tricks for...
  • rounded corners (no punch)
  • distressing edges with scissors
  • gutting strips from patterned paper
  • making it rain
A) Intro to cardvaarks!

If you haven't heard of Caardvarks' then
(where have you been? in an alternate dimension of time & space?) hehehe ;O)
You're in for a treat!

You can check out the new Caardvarks Crew here.
(And I get to play with that insanely talented bunch. Somebody pinch me! I feel like the cool kids accidently let me join their clique!) ;O)

The Challenges are always so open-ended. You can use anything to play along with the theme & there's an easy way to link your card on each post...then it gets to live in the yummy galleries & is entered to win. :O)

B) A Tree Challenge

The theme is trees. Wanna play?
You can play along by making any tree-themed card or project & linking it here
the challenge is sponsored by Taylored Expressions.

(Link up your tree creation by April 30th) to win this set!...

Want to get inspired for the tree challenge?
See some gorgeous creations (made with the prize) here:
now when you win the set, you'll have a couple links to get inspired, hehehe

Click to see yummy stamps at...

C...A digital paper freebie (with trees)

Need something to use for the challenge? Here's a digital paper I made with some trees & the text of the Walt Whitman poem Song of the Redwood Tree

click the pics to try the JPG out

if you prefer PDFs or you're having trouble try right click & save as
or drop me a line
(I tried for hours to load the PDFs to splitcoast no luck. I need a degree in computers, lol.)

This digi paper uses very little ink in printing, since it's pale (which means you can also colour it...)


customize digital paper

White cardstock (this is neenah white)
Water colour Pencil crayons
Coloured thread & needle
Cuttelbug embossing folder
Gesso or white ink

Step 1) Print digital patterned paper (but save ink by printing in black & white)

Step 2) Get nice colour by colouring by hand

Step 2) Stitch it- Decide card size & lay stamp or image on to see where to pierce

Step 3) Stitch areas on the patterned paper for textured interest

To make the textured strip...
I printed the coloured section of the Whitman text & embossed it while it was fresh out of the printer. It picked up a little bit of embossing powder...

then I ran the text strip through a cuttlebug embossing folder (Perfectly Paisley) & brushed it with gesso. I've coloured a section of that digital paper, but left some black & white for you to use as-is or colour how you like, if you like. :O)


Cheap Trick A)-make a rounded corner with no punch (that has a higher radius than puches) by tracing something round on the back of your paper & cutting it out with scissors.

Cheap Trick B) Use your scissor edge to distress aka CHEAT ;O)
(It smooths out cuts of corner rounding too)

Cheap Trick C) If your layout calls for layers use a variation of the gutting technique to save the bits that would be hidden. Cut out strips & save them for another project

Click the pic for a bird's eye view of the rain....

The beads of rain are seed beads tied on string & adhered to the back of clouds. It took a while, but the results were fun. It moves and makes a rain kind of sound... :O) The clouds are watercolour paper that I cut out, painted with grey, & edged in silver metallic pen.


(today the ol' blog should be called: Crazy Caardvark Critter!)

There'll be one more post today. The last sneak peek at the Little Paper Shop sets...



~Lori Roop said...

Congrats on your new pozish!! :) It's fun to be working with you!

Great job on the tut! It shows you're very dedicated to your work!!

Unknown said...

Wow oh WOW! The details on this are over the moon amazing! What a stunning and totally creative card!

(-: Heidi

Margaret McDonald said...

congrats my little sprout!!
I know there are great things for you out there!!
very proud Auntie

Unknown said...

Mel, you are overflowing with creativeness!

Elena said...

Wow! This card is FANTASTIC!!! Love the background paper you created! Thank you for the tutorial, Mel!
Congratulations on the new position!!!!!

Karen Lindsay said...

Yes, Congratulations! You will be a great addition. :) Thank you also for the digital printables. I'm anxious to play with everything!


ikki said...

Your creativity amazes me!!!! This is extra special and what good and very interesting news too. Look forward to seeing more. ikki

Mari said...

Congrats Mel! You rock! But then, we all knew that already! :)

Anonymous said...

I just love your cheap tricks! I have never known anyone who can find a way to copy an effect without using the actual tools.. for so many things! You really are amazing! Congratulations on becoming a Cardvaark!


Carol P said...

You've seriously outdone yourself. I think you need a HOBBY.


Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

Sue from Oregon said...

You are so talented and crafty...I am so excited for you! Way to Go!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being a cardvark! I just found out about that blog (Pam and I are on the creative cut dT together and she clued me in to the fantasy challenge that had) and that blog is so fun!!! Good for you Mel!

Erum Tasneem said...

This is a beautiful cards, and as always you have put a lot of work in it!
I am taking a closer look of your card and I am amazed at all the beading, stitching and colouring too!
Thanks a lot for the tree papers. :)
You rock!

Julie said...

Congrats on becoming a card vark Mel. Love your tree card.

Beth Norman said...

I really can't take my eyes off of this card. Mel, your work is wonderful. You've really kicked up your cards a notch (does that sound rude? Hope not). I've always enjoyed your work, but I see you have gone a step further into the land of untouchable. Thanks for all the inspiration.

take a little piece of my art said...

Congrats Mel!! You deserve it!! That tree card is amazing!! I LOVE the rain drops...OMG!!!!!!! TOO CUTE!!!
I have to say that it's no accident that you were chosen, you're uber talented and super cool in my book!!!

Maria said...

First of all CONGRATULATIONS! You are definitely branching out! LOL! I can't wait to see all you fabulous creations. HOw fun!!

Wow, your card is beautiful! I love the whole design...everything about it. Well, I love everything that you do anyway but I just wanted to say that! Love the clouds that you added. What an awesome scenary!! And that tree! Gorgeous! Thanks for the tip on how to create a rounded corner!!


This N That said...

This card is pretty much PERFECTION! I can't quit looking at it!