Friday, May 8, 2009

Microglaze Copic Colouring (and/or other markers too)

Edited to Add: WARNING: I've discovered his is a copic clogging technique. I love the texture, though, so I do this by painting on copics or inks now... Sorry to be such a crazy experimenter on ya! ;o)

Edited to Add:
Hi You fab people You! I'm taking a random day off today (Saturday) for some quality family time, but will see you tomorrow with a little surprise in honour of Mother's day.

Hope your weekend is full of love & life!!! OXO mel

1...Microglaze (as a resist under Copic or other marker colouring)
2...Using opaque white marker to lighten text
3...Make a long beaded charm (dirt cheap)

Who knew Microglaze was so danged cool?
Not me, I've had it for quite some time & never used it.
It offers a resist similar to gesso, but Microglaze is
much much cleaner, faster, & easier.

You can stamp with microglaze to get a resist, but I've never gotten that to work very well. You can seal digital images with it to colour with no smudges (makes it rather waterproof.)

....and the latest snifty thing I've tried...

Microglaze as a resist to get a funky texture with Markers:
Just apply it in a bit of a random way, leaving some areas of the paper only partly covered & then colour.) My favourite colouring medium for this is Copics--because I like to use the wedge tip on the sketch markers to work away (lift off) some of the microglaze... BUT I tried a mix of both water-based and alcohol Copic markers & was happy with the results... so you could use either or both.

Colouring on Microglaze is especially neato for:

-->a cement look
-->cloudy sky
-->fabric (a little bit of mottled look)
-->images that would have painted textures, houses, doors, wood...
-->natural things that would have colour variations (like flowers, leaves...)

It was such a blast to build the colour by lifting off the Microglaze! I could have coloured for hours & hours & hours...!

...get textured colouring with microglaze
(and stamping images over text)

Distressed or old world looking textures are so appealing to me, but normal Copic colouring can't really give you that, so yesterday's Gesso Copic colouring and this similar (but easier and faster and much cleaner) microglaze resist strike me as extra fun Copic-ness.

  • Your favourite Copic paper (I'm luvin Neenah White)
  • Microglaze
  • Stamp (Miss Anya from here)
  • Text file (this one is fashion quotes)
  • Colouring medium (Copics & water-based markers used here)

Step 1) Print your text file. This one is made with my favourite fashion quotes in Word. If you'd like it, please just let me know (

Step 2) Stamp image (and emboss, if you like)

Step 3) Rub the image with microglaze (for this technique I liked uneven coverage, sparingly...)

Step 4) Colour--this is a mix of stuff: Copic markers, watercolour pencil crayons, and water-based markers. :O)

The cement, or the ground, was my favourite part about colouring this. It's 3 Copic colours worked into each other: Frost Blue B00, Warm Gray No.1 & Putty YG-91. I also used a Colourless Blender to pull colour up.

I've only tried this with markers, so far, but I can't wait to try this other stuff:
(and hear about your adventures if you try other things!):
  • Watercolour paints
  • Pastels/Chalks
  • Painting with reinkers
  • Pearlescent paints
  • Prismacolours & gamasol
  • Stamping with the microglaze (to make a resist)--maybe I'll get it right eventually...

I'm not sure what microglaze does to Copics chemically...if it would stay on them at all...(frankly, I don't care with mine at all--I follow the "they're tools not jewels" rule & experiment like crazy--;o) but you may be more responsible than me, ;o) so I thought I should mention it.


(opaque white marker)
to soften text

If you like the idea of stamping & colouring over text, but want to soften it in places you can use an opaque white marker. (I wanted the text print to be less intense on the face & the purse so I used a white CTMH marker. I love it insanely. I ordered it through my wonderful friend Annapurna who is a Close to my Heart consultant

Other card details:

--Grey and black & white patterned papers Basic Grey Ambrosia 6x6 pack
--Seed beads (pink & turquoise) & matching thread
--Vellum flower (vellum, zig painty pen & bead center)
--Crochet lace trim from my sweet Mum (coloured with Cool gray no 7)
--Pink flourish stamp (SU) stamped onto gesso cardstock & coloured with pink marker


make a long beaded charm (dirt cheap)

The long beaded charm is just a bunch of dollar store beads with an old earring at the bottom. Here's how I made it:

Step 1) Thread a single thread through the little hole at the top of the earring piece & tie a double knot
Step 2) Thread a needle onto that thread (put the double ends into the needle
Step 3) Slide the beads onto the needle
Step 4) After beading, tie a good knot in the top & then adhere the extra ends of thread under the vellum with a really good adhesive (like Oh so Sticky tape)

if you'd rather you could use wire as an alternative...
-->Her hair baubles are seed beads stitched on (Pierce holes, stitch beads on with thread and needle or glue 'em on.)

-->Her purse has teensy pink & turquoise stitching, 'cause a girl's purse has to match, right? ;O)

-->Her headband is paper pierced with rows of holes for a wee bit of textural interest

Hope that if you try this, that you
have as much fun as I did!

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Dawn said...

Mooorning (said in sing-song voice)
Another great post...although I was wondering what micORglaze was, teehee....alas that's one item I don't have! *GASP* I know, hard to believe!!! and I NEED to get one of those white opaques!


Becky said...

I need one of those white opaques myself. I dont know what I am going to do with it, but if I can get your results it will be worth every penny :). love coming by here, you are an awesome artist.

Justme said...

Microglaze was designed and sold from Peggy Skycraft of Skycraft papers. Judikins also sells it but the maker/designer is Peggy Skycraft. You can put a small amount smooshed onto your craft mat and stamp your stamp into it also to use as a resist and then over color with sprays etc for a batique look, there are so many things you can do with this wax as well as seal anything waterbased. I love the stuff
Thanks for some more ideas!

Jessica Diedrich said...

This is absolutely stunning...stunning...STUNNING!!! I love the look of it-so vintage and pretty and love how Anya really "pops" from the middle. I adore the top of the project too-this is just beautiful!

liannallama said...

wow! your card rocks!

I love how you boldly go where no one has gone before! Thanks for the great tips and being the test guinea pig for all these super techniques you invent!

Carole said...

Wow, this is AWESOME! Thanks for the great tutorial. You go girl!

raindropecho said...

Your posts are so great. I love how you constantly take into account cost of supplies. Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, microglaze. Must find it and try it. Love all you do. What opic colors do you recommend to start with? Thanks for sharing.

Kim Etherington said...

OMG! I was the lucky recipient of this amazingly beautiful card. The pics don't do it an ounce of justice. It's so detailed, vibrant and incredibility gorgeous. Thanks Mel for the lovely Mothers Day card full of mushy, bring tears to my eyes kind words.
Mwah! Love ya sistah!

Anonymous said...

This card is so gorgeous! I'm really amazed at all the effects you use to make your cards something out of the ordinary. The result of your efforts is simply stunning!
XX /Hanna

Elena said...

Wow! That looks awesome! I would never think that you can do so many things with this microglaze!
Love the charm you created and all your delicate detailed work, Mel!
Thank you for sharing it all with us!

Janine said...

Hi there Mel!! Your work is amazing as usual!! I love this card!!

Julia said...

Gorgeous Mel!!!!