Thursday, May 7, 2009

Copics on Gesso (lets you erase!!!)

This Copic colouring was crazy fun & so fast! I can't share the card yet, since it's for an upcoming thingy... but I just couldn't wait to share this new (weird--but kind of nifty) Copic technique.

This seems ideal for beginner Copic colouring (despite the fact that it's not the *real* way to copic colour at all) because it lets you erase (<--uh huh! erase!)

(It's Gesso again, my super hero. MUhaha!)

Copic markers on Gesso Cardstock:

A little background: When I first started playing with gesso cardstock last summer, I didn't know a Copic from a hole in the ground. (I still have a lot to learn, and I use them in strange unsanctioned ways--but strange is more fun, to me anyhow.) Back then, I used one Copic colour (turquoise, the only one I had, ROFL) & I decided Copics were not for gesso. Hah! Now that I know a wee something about them, I had another kick at the Copics, and it turns out...

Copics on Gesso give you
LOADs of playability. It involves pushing around of the colour (rather than the usual colouring in circles & saturating the paper.) Which means:

--->Gesso lets you achieve brush lines (cool for hair)

--->Copics on gesso start off a teeny bit tacky to the touch (like when you colour metal with them) but they'll dry really nicely in a minute.

--->You can erase mistakes right away or when the copics are dry (!!!!!) Lift off colour even the day after you've coloured it. SQUEAL! :O) On Miss Anya up there, I had coloured the basket way too darkly, but the next morning I just used a lighter colour Copic to remove the overly dark ink. You can't do that without gesso. ;O)

--->It saves Copic ink too (since the paper doesn't suck it up because the gesso resists.)

--->You can get really quick interesting textures with that resist effect by leaving some of your paper with no gesso in spots. (More about that texture below)

(gesso cardstock)

Step 1) Just paint gesso onto any cardstock or paper...

...even onto patterned paper or digital paper. (I like gesso on the back of glossy cardstock, since it curls less, but you can always stick it under a book to flatten.) The gesso brand I truly prefer is made by Kroma, but most brands seem to be comparable. You can make your gesso cardstock smooth & consistent. I like a bit of texture.

Step 2) Stamp with the ink you use with Copics or print an image out (some inks may need heat setting or embossing with clear embossing powder, since the gesso resists) Which can be a neat feature since you can emboss even dye-based inks this way!

Step 3) Colour.

Where some of the paper has no gesso, you can get darker areas of colour (like at the bottom of the background on this image) since the blank spots with no gesso don't resist the copic ink.

No Copics? This works with any markers (Stampin' up ones need embossing or they can smudge but that is cool too. You can also emboss Tombow markers.) Close to my Heart markers dry really quickly & nicely on the gesso, but can be manipulated with water for cool effects.

You can paint gesso over stamped or printed images/text

OR over patterned that you can layer over those designs with stamping (or printing on your computer and embossing it) and then colour with Copic markers.


*Please know that gesso needs prep & prompt clean up; however, I find that it is worth it for the amazing things it can do. Protecting your work areas and cleaning tools right away is a really good idea. It's an acrylic primer so it has lots of staying power. It will clean off of most nonporous things though :O) A dedicated gesso brush is a cool thing (so your best brushes stay nice.) Gesso will stay on some surfaces if left to dry.

ETA: Some gesso may come off on your Copics, so maybe test some if you're concerned about that?

*Printing on gesso may not be for expensive printers. Mine was $45.00 so I go wild.

I'm just looking at Miss Anya's face
& thinking she looks a little sunburnt...

But that's okay, because I can go erase that pink! :O) *GRIN*

Haven't gotten sick of my past gesso rambling? Curious maybe?
more gesso talk here
(I think I'm trying to start a gesso cult, bwahahaaaa)

Edited to Add:Tutorial for the armoire gift box
that this turned into here:

& link to dress template is there too

Happy Thurday! Hope this gesso fanaticism
hasn't bored you silly, :O)

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Dawn said...

you done did it again girl! another one I'll have to try! =)

Julie Campbell said...

This is really cool! I'm going to have to try this one for sure!!!

Chris Pethers said...

so thats what gesso is.........
thank you

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

You're the best!

Annie said...

Mel you are never boring. Must get some of this gesso stuff - it sounds great.

Ann xxx

Jessica Diedrich said...

This is SO super cool, lady! LOVE your techniques and what a score to find that it erases!!!

Anonymous said...

I look so forward to your posts! No only are they creative but they are truly fun to read.


liannallama said...

oh, I bet whatever you are making is beautiful! Your sneak peek is super!

I tried Copics on Gesso once and it did not work well for me. The Copics worked like a solvent and the Gesso came off on my marker tip. I will have to experiment and try a different brand of Gesso

Anonymous said...

I onoly recently stumbled on your blog. Great source of information and inspiration! Thanks.

Rose-Anne said...

If you are starting a GESSO CULT I am first in line. I just love this stuff and have been using it for years. I just love mediums. I love mess too. Am I your Mother-we are very much alike. LOL.Thanks for your inspiring work again.

Elena said...

That is an awesome technique, Mel! Thank you for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

gesso amazing ,love ma

Anonymous said...

all your tutorials are awesome! My goodness you can do so much!

Maria said...

Hey Mel! You always come up with fun techniques!! How cool. . .you must have a stamping lab over there where you live. . .coming up with all those cool and creative tecniques! I love it.

I have a lot of gesso. I may have to try this out. My Copics are running out of ink so it would be a great idea to conserve. .LOL!!

Thanks for the tips!!


Jenn Borjeson said...

I am new to art journaling and using Gesso and did a search trying to find out if it's OK to use markers to color on Gesso, and your blog popped up. Thank you for the tips, much appreciate! :)