Sunday, November 15, 2009

Diorama tutorial (whole lotta glitter goin on!)

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This was messy (a glitter explosion!) but oh so fun to make. I wish you could see the sparkles & spinning of the clouds in person. Makes ya feel like a kid again!

a whole lot o' how to make a cupcake box into this diorama:

part 1...the back layers of the diorama (the main box)
part 2...the middle layers (trees, clouds, & the cupcake holder section)
part 3...the lid (or front)
part 4...the clouds

make a diorama

Creative Cuts & More die cuts used for this:

Antique Label -in acetate
Antique label -in chip board-medium weight
Cupcake Box Set -in coconut swirl

You can read more about the handy-dandy die cuts in this post, if you like
& the remainder of the materials are detailed below. :o)

part one
the back layers
(the sky etc...)

Step 1a) Adhere a piece of patterned paper (4 inches by 4 inches) to the inside (bottom) of the CCM cupcake box.

Step 1b) Pierce it randomly with a paper piercer (It will let the light sparkle through like sparkly snow.) :o)

Step 2) Add white Souffle pen dots randomly all over the sky.

Step 3) Add dots of Quickie glue pen randomly (like you did with the white dots)

Step 4) Sprinkle glitter onto the Quickie glue white the dots are still wet. (This is Martha Stewart White Gold glitter.)

Step 5) Make the glittery trees.

A) Cut out some trees. (These are from My Mind's Eye Trim the Tree paper.)
B) Adhere them to white cardstock (cut in a curvy line)
C) Add glitter to them too (with a Quickie glue pen.)

Step 6a) Adhere the first tree layer to the sky (Popping it up with foam tape or extra layers of cardstock & adhesive.)

Step 6b) Add a cloud in the same manner & adhere some crystals to the sky below the cloud.

Step 7) Add the second layer of trees to the left & right sides of the box (inside)

Step 8) Add the first hanging cloud. I threaded it with a needle, but you could adhere it to the ceiling of the box, if you like. Then you'd have no knot on top of the box to have to hide later. :o)

part two
the middle layers

Step 1) Alter the inside piece (it's meant to be the cup cake holder but this turns it into another Diorama layer):

A) Lay the lid over the cupcake holder (it looks like a circle with ears)
B) Make sure it's centered & trace the curvy label shape of the cupcake box lid
C) Cut the label shape you've traced out...

Step 2) Add scallops to the cupcake holder middle layer of the box & a piece of paper to the back of it (the back of the die cut box measures 4x4 inches)

The scallop was created by punching circles & adhering them to the inside of the lid:

(I used the same blue BasicGrey paper that the sky was cut from, a 3/4" circle punch, & Tombow Monomulti to adhere them--which lets you move the circles around a little to get them fairly even.)

Step 3) Add more clouds to the back of that scalloped middle layer & glue it into the diorama box.

Step 4) Cut wee houses out

Step 5) Make folded pieces of card to hold houses up. This shimmery paper is Lustre from Paper Temptress.

Step 6) Add the 2 rows of houses

part three
the lid (or front)

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Step 1) pierce & colour around the curvy label shape in the lid

Step 2) Bead the cupcake box lid

Step 3) Make the let it snow label:

A) Cut a CCM Antique label (medium weight chipboard) in half and cover it in patterned paper (the snowflake paper I used here is more paper snuck from the Cosmo Cricket catalogue.) :o)

B) Cut a second CCM Antique label (acetate this time) in half

C) Pierce the acetate & and lay it over the chip board

D) Use the pierced acetate as a guide to pierce the chipboard (medium weight pierces like butter--LOVE that stuff!)

E) Stitch the acetate on & add beads, if you like.

F) Cut the wee let it snow label (from the Cosmo Cricket cattie) Glitter it & adhere it on top of the acetate.

Step 4) Add a couple of extra trees to the front

part four
the gem clouds

Step 1) clouds draw clouds & cut them out (make mirror images of each cloud so they can stick together--like a cloud sandwich)

Step 2) Add adhesive to the backs of the clouds. I like to use Alene's tack it over & over (or tombow monomulti adhesive)...put it onto the back of all the clouds and let it set up (makes life so much easier, LOL)

Step 3) Add 3 threads (hanging down from the cloud) for the gems (silver thread)

Step 4) Add more silver thread at the top of the cloud (2 strands to hang the cloud with --leave extra length to work with it more easily.)

Step 5) Sandwich with another cloud shape on the back to cover the thread ends inside

Step 6) Add adhesive to the tips of the thread ends & let it set

Step 7) Use that sticky adhesive (that has set up) to pick up the back of a gem

Step 8) Sandwich a second gem on the back of the first one

and there you have it...a teensy little microcosm of craftland, LOL...
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Thank You for takin' a peek into
my crazy lil' world!


WickedPixie said...

My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw this! This is amazing, stunning, fabulous...I can't think of enough words....I can't believe it doesn't take you days and days for each of your fabulous creations!! :-)Traci

Katherine said...

WoW wow WoW wow WoW wow WoW!!!!!!!!!!
This is so incredibly Gorgeous! I have to make something like this! (It won't ever be this impressive but I have to try!) Thank you so much for the step by step instructions-you are beyond AWESOME!

abbartski said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You, my stamping friend are UNBELIEVABLY talented. Where did you even think to start with this incredible piece of art? Wow just doesn't say enough. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with all of us. I can't say I'm going to try this one--I'm afraid. It's just stunning, a keepsake for many, many years for all to enjoy.
Stay well,

alneon said...

Здравейте , аз съм от България, от доста време разглеждам нещата Ви , но това което сте направили е невероятно.Толкова красиво , и зимно.Благодаря Ви за уроците и вдъхновението !

Annie said...

just totally wow.

You are my hero.

Ann xxx

Nancyroo said...

what an absolutely amazing project! thanks for sharing it!

Unknown said...

Wow, it's amazing!!!!!!!! And you make it looks so easy!

Kisses from Spain!

Sherry said...

Mel this is FAB-ulous! Thanks for the step by step instructions, they're so easy to follow and I feel like I could re-create one of my very own! All this from a cupcake box... girl you amaze me! The detail that you put into all of your projects is just wonderful and whoever gets this Glistening Snowland is very Lucky indeed!!

pinky said...

Wow a piece of art girl!!! Love it, ingenious the way you put it together and the sparkle is gorgeous.

lisa808 said...

Wow, that is amazing!

Dawn said...

OHMYLANTA!!! SPECTACULAR kiddo! jaw is ON the floor.
One of these days I'm gonna have to try that... oh my

Have I told you lately how AWEsome you are!!!

Krissy Christie said...

Wow this is stunning!!Ive made a few diorama cards recently and now im hooked!!LOve your idea for the clouds and the gems :)

Thanks for sharing!

Krissy xx


Mel, this is fantasmagorical (if there is such a word)! Must have taken ages to make, but it's sooooo gorgeous. It takes me back to my childhood when cereal packets had a "stage set" printed on them, which you could cut out and assemble to make your own 3-d theatre - very similar to what we call "dioramas" today,(much more basic than your wonderful creation though), and you've reminded me that I must have been crafting for almost 60 years!!
Love, Sylvia xxx

pescbrico said...

This is sincerly fabulous!!! Wow! Thank you so much for your generosity... you share that with us and even if I don't comment often I enjoy reading each of your post!
Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

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Axes DesigNs said...

OMG! This is so beautiful! Yes!!! and all the above! all the other girls said! ... Thanks for sharing...

Emily said...

Too freakin' incredible for words Mel!!! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!!!

♥ Doreen ♥ said...

Wonderful work.

Lora said...

Wow this is fantastic! I know I just wouldn't have the patience to do something like this never mind do a tutorial for everyone else too. You are just amazing girl!
Lora x

Beth Norman said...

Hubba Bubba. Pure geneous my dear!! Spelled that wrong--sorry. You are the best. No one tops your talent girlfriend! Thanks for this tutorial. I'm definately a big fan who is going to give this a go!



Lorie Ballard said...

Wow! That took some time and talent! Gorgeous! Thank you so much for the instructions, you sure make it look easy!

Shirley said...

Ab-so-lu-te-ly stunning!
Thanx for sharing...

Karen Dunbrook said...

wow....did I say are incredible.....

Anonymous said...

Amazing, absolutely amazing! I would never have thought of such a thing, and I'm sure I could never make one as beautiful as yours, but I'm sure gonna give it a try.thanks so much for sharing and the instructions are great! Its beautiful!!

Завитушка said...

Я восхищена красотой и изобретательностью Вашей работы, красота!!! А можно идею вашей коробочки использовать для своей работы в технике квиллинг?

Whimcees said...

This is so amazingly wonderful that I can't stand it ! You are such a fantastic and creative artist that I am in awe of what you can do! I just spent a lot of time - enjoyable I might add - going through your blog and if possible, you have been getting more and more creative and polished! I saw a Winter Wonderland with the trees that you did in January of 2009 and it was wonderful then, but compared to this project not a year later - Wow! is the right word! I am so happy that I found your blog and I check it all the time. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

Barbara Diane

Unknown said...

Hola Mel:

Gracias por este regalo de navidad tan hermoso. Realmente está fenomenal.

Que Dios continué bendiciendo tus manos y que cada día este don que El te regaló llegue a muchos más personas que amamos tus trabajos.

Xinia Barquero, Costa Rica

Ketena said...

I can only begin to imagine the work and time it took to make your beautiful box. Totally amazing. Hugs Ketena

Cathy's Artwork said...

You have out done yourself. This is beautiful and fun.


Anonymous said...

Your diorama is just absolutely outstanding and the most creative project I've seen in a long time! The spinning clouds, dangling crystals and rows of houses and trees are fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent! Sue (suen)

June Houck said...

You are beyond awesome. I am speechless! This is a gorgeous take on the cupcake box. I love it :)

Alex said...

OMG! This project is sooooo perfect!
Found your blog today and what should I say - I´m sitting here for hours and be so stunned what you create!
And all the great tutorials!
THANK YOU! I´ll put you in my linklist so that I didn´t miss a new post of you!
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

lovely, i just made many bran-new emo backgrounds for my blog

Jil Casey said...

Hi - I recently did a posting on dioramas and included a picture of yours. Credit is given to you with a link to your site. If you would like to see it you can go to my blog at:


Lightleaf Studio said...

Wow, I love it. The effect is awesome. You did just great. I want to make one now, my hands are burning of impatience.

Blancoynegropalma said...

Absolutely fab!!! I <3 your blog so much!