Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last day for Auction (added items) & personal note

On a personal note: I'm so sorry to left things hanging, here. It's been on my mind more than I can say. Last week, we had to grab 'Mouse' the cat & the dirty laundry and head out of town to help with a serious family illness. I thought I had until the 28th to update you for the auction but I got it wrong (more about that below). It's been an emotional time, so please forgive my scattered brain.

Possible blog break, for the next couple of weeks: I did bring some projects with me, but I'm not sure if I will be able to get them blogged. I'll keep you posted. I hope to finish up my last 2 guest posts with Amber Ink this week.

An important update on the
Skipping Stones Design breast cancer auction:

I got the date wrong in my auction post. I feel like such a complete jerk! (Isn't it crazy how severe stress seems to cut off all of your regular brain functions?) So sorry, it's not the 28th as I had posted but the August 23rd. But there's still a little time to bid until midnight Mountain Standard time tonight.

The additions to the canvas:

First off, here's a photo of the secret box
that I built into the back for ya:

back of wooden canvas -secret box
(Sorry about the photo quality; I'm away from home...)

It's a panel that slides out:
back of wooden canvas secret box

And here are the other 4 little flower sets
(There will be 9 of each style, 5 styles in total. You can change them out
for a different look to the canvas or use them for whatever your heart desires)

Book page flowers:
book page flower

Black flowers:
little black flower

Pale turquoise flowers:
pale turquoise flower

White with Black flowers:
white & black flower

And some "little smiling camera images":
(as a non-flower option for you)
cameras close

You can display them on the wooden canvas:

SSD canvas with smiley cameras

...or I could make them into tags, if you prefer:

camera tag option

The winner will also receive these 3 large
shabby chic flowers

3 flowers
(hand cut from a new template I drew
that I'll be sharing with you all soon)

a white one:

white flower

a black one:

black ornate flower

a fringed white one:

white fringe flower

[The white flowers have a soft flocked texture because they're
made with cardstock that I covered with Golden Light Molding Paste
and then texturized with a wooden Batik block.
The black one is made from Core-dinations cardstock.]

And you'll also
win these three notebooks:

3 notebooks

One notebook with a teeny tiny envelope & letter:

mini letter notebook
(Measuring just under 3" wide x 5" tall)
It's got hand-coloured embossed canvas,
lots of hand stitching,
& a vintage black taffeta label:

mini letter notebook detail

One notebook with cut out shimmer sprayed poppies:

A Day for Daisies poppies notebook
(Measuring 4-1/2" x 4-1/2")
The poppy background is one I made by copying & altering
the Wild Fall Poppy image from A Day for Daisies.
There are real poppy seeds in the flower centers.

And a third one with shimmer emboss-resist
using my fave Skipping Stones Design pattern:

SSD emboss resist shimmer notebook
(Measuring close to 3-1/2" wide x 4-1/2" tall)

It has stitched panels & a little hand-stitched
"notes" sentiment up top:

stitched notes

And that's it.
The whole shebang goes to today's winner

The highest bid is currently $55.00.
Thank You Ladies, you're amazing!

If you'd like to add a bid, please just say
how much in the comments below.

PLEASE include your email address with your bid, so we can contact you.
Remember 100% of your bid will go to the Komen foundation.
If you are the top bidder, you will receive a
PayPal invoice for the amount that you bid.

& there's still time to shop until midnight too,
$2.o0 from every set sold until then,
goes to the foundation as well.

Thank you for helping to make a difference!


Peggy said...

I would like to bid $100 on your beautiful artwork.


Anonymous said...

I would like to bid $123 for this wonderful creation. I have been quite ill this last year, not much energy for crafting, but your blog has made me smile way more than $123 worth :D



kksb said...

I will bid $125 for your magnificent box.

kksb said...

Good golly Miss Molly I left off my email address. I bid $125.00.


Deebi27 said...
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Deebi27 said...

This isn't and is a really tough decision. You have so much bang for the buck so to speak. And that means much more than the highest bidder at this time. Gosh, it would be perfect gift for my daughter and her efforts for Komen! As much as I really want this, I will have to bow out, as I will use the $ to win this to travel to Dallas this year to follow my daughter around for 3 days and cheer her on to the finish line and the celebration for competing such a life altering event for the 3rd time!!! Thanks for this event!

Good Luck to kksb, unless she is out bidded!

Kathy said...

Hey Mel, Don't feel bad about the incorrect post :) I hope things are ok with your family and I will be sending prayers your way. I would like to bid 150.00 on your amazing project!!!!!!Your attention to detail is second to none. Best of luck, Kathy

kksb said...

I bid $155.00 for your incredibly amazing work.

Mari said...

Wow, Mel! What a fantastic end to your bidding war! :D I wish I could have afforded my own bid! Gorgeous box and the extra goodies are divine. So jealous of your winner!