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100+ Crafty tape ideas round-up! {washi or other tape varieties - How to: make them, use them, and store them}

Hey Friends, Long time no see! I hope you had a blissful Christmas, for those who celebrate, and that you're all having a wonderful New Year so far. My days are still migraine riddled (it's been rough ....starting to feel sorry for myself!) ;0) But I'm most sorry to have been away from you for so long, so here's a little wee offering...

washi tape collage mel stampz

A washi tape round up:

1... How to make DIY/custom tapes (on the cheap!)
2... How to use tapes in unique ways
3... Digital washi tapes
4... How to store washi tape
5... Miscellaneous washi goodness

What is washi tape?

Washi tape has become the popular term for any kind of crafty tape,
but it is traditionally a Japanese masking tape made of washi paper
(Think of it like a thin high quality masking tape).

Washi comes in a plethora of colours, is often very brightly coloured or
patterned and can have a lovely sheer quality that will allow layers
of text, stamping, or the patterns on other tapes to show through it.
Here is an interesting history of washi tape.

Don't have washi or
other masking tapes?

You can get a similar look with paper.

Julie's video tutorial shows a washi style using paper:

or make some of these...

Want transparency? If you make your own washi tape with
tissue paper on double-sided tape you get a sheer effect.
(To make it easier to work with tissue paper, stamp and colour
the tissue after you apply double-sided tape to the plain tissue paper).
Or You can even print on your tissue paper tutorial here.

Want archival tapes? You can buy acid-free or archival
tissue paper at art supply stores & use it to make your own tapes.)

Kirsty's post shows fab possibilities for DIY washi styles:

DIY washi tissue paper & double-sided tape - Fiks D:

Painted & Doodled faux washi tape
By Julie K in Taiwan:

Faux washi tape with labels by Jenn:

And Listgirl's version with free printable:

Faux Watercolour washi from Sarah at Yup
(using standard masking tape):

Bronwyn's clever DIY washi ideas & free printable
(double-sided tissue tape, fabric, sticker sheets):

DIY security tape by Kirsty:

DIY Japanese tape (envelopes & scotch tape)
by Pascale at Between the lines:

DIY Fabric, glitter, or any tape -Giver's Log:

Confetti tape:

Pugly Pixel DIY glitter tape tutorial:

's DIY washi video -
using: Mod Podge, fabric, & text paper:

DIY custom paper tape tutorial by Cathe at Just Something I made:

DIY lace tape from Free Pretty Things for You:

Fabric tape using Mod Podge - Craftberry Bush:

Fabric tape tutorial from annekata:

Fabric tape from Maya Made:

Lindsay's homemade paper tape video (sticker paper):

Homemade washi with a Xyron by Jenny:


Printed journalling on washi tape, by Kim
via Hambly Screen Prints Blog:

Washi with text from Hello it's me, KP:

Twirling Betty's punched washi stickers:

Washi tape paper & more ideas from Scout's Honor Co:

Heat embossing an image on washi tape by Tiff
via Hambly Screen Prints & Tiff's blog post is here.

Washi tape Bunny silhouette -Creature Comforts:

Washi tape twist tie video tutorial
by CookingAndCrafting:

Washi tape magnets from Ishtar Olivera:

Tape transfer labels from Fran├žoise at A l'ombre du marronnier:

& you can find all of Fran├žoise's tape ideas here.

Washi ideas from Tea for Joy:

Torie Jayne uses washi to decorate 3D items:

Washi decorated painted jars -A Creative Mint:

Washi tape envelope bag tutorial from Jessica at How About Orange:

Sweet Paul washi box:

Neon washi tape bits via decor8:

Washi arrow tutorial by Danielle Thompson via Modern Kiddo:

mer mag's easy washi invites:

Washi tape background by Lisa:

Washi tag -A Spoonful of Sugar:

Magnetic washi clothespins - Whisker Graphics:

Washi notebook from Oh Hello Friend:

Craftapalooza's washi pendants:

Mod Podge washi tape journal tutorial:

Paperklip washi tape buntings via Poppytalk

Simple DIY borders with tape - Creature Comforts:

Easy washi tape bows by Lisa:

Martha Stewart washi tape wedding ideas (slides 3, 4, 5 & 6):

Emaurian's washi flower post-cards:

Kelly's Washi lids:

Twirling Betty's washi tape magnets:

Washi Tape wrap, bow, banner, ornaments...
via The Sweetest Occasion:

Washi tape banner video by Kristina on Two Peas:

DIY washi tape wall art by Sarah

Whisker Graphics washi covered tin:

Handmade stationery from hello sandwich:

Washi Tape handle on favour cups by Cathe - JSIM:

Lottie Frank's art with washi tape via Omiyage:

Washi tape in art by Ying Chieh Yu

Chopstick cases decorated with washi tape from Omiyage:

Washi covered box by Leena via Hambly Screenprints:

Washi tape & paper scraps- Decor8:

Washi tape ideas from Leslie:

Washi tape coaster tutorial by Vanessa at Design Dreams Japan:

Washi tape flower tutorial by Pooi Pooi via American Crafts:

washi jar from hello sandwich:

Washi tape bows by Mayu via Ishtar Olivera:

Washi Tape keyboard by Minifanfan via Poppytalk:

Jesshibb's washi-covered camera:

Whitney's tape labeled files:

Fixing well-loved books with tape:

Masking tape covered tables:

Washi table runner:

Ceramics with masking tape -How About Orange:

Sarah's washi paper plate basket video tutorial:

Washi handles on PaperSource boxes -Anna Lee co

Paper tape silhouettes from Drawing Near:

Washi stars by Brittni of Papernstitch via Creature Comforts:

washi votives by jasminepark:

Washi paperclips from Tambouille:

Washi tape clock tutorial
& a great video on fresh ways to use washi tape - by Jen:

DIY washi faux wallpaper - Little Green Notebook:

Giant washi tape via Design Mom:

Washi card by Karen:

Washi tape ideas (via Pinterest)...

...using this washi tape alternative
(a sticker sheet kit):

Washi Wrapping from Omiyage via Poppytalk:

Washi tape birthday cakes - from Omiyage:

Washi tape pumpkins:

Washi covered pencils:

Washi wedding invite
(easy way to colour coordinate):

Washi tags from Ishtar Olivera:

Washi tape bow & wrap:

Washi calling card from Oh So Beautiful paper:

Wrapped soap favors from prunellasoap:

Washi calling card by Mint via eat drink chic:

Washi Tape sheet protector pockets tutorial from Hugfish & Orange:

Aimee's washi clips:

Washi clips from cucumbersome:

Washi tape critters and ideas from Lovely Tape:

Washi card by Bethany:

Video tutorial for a bag with washi by Hello Sandwich:

Washi city - Paper Therapy:


free tape strips from Pugly Pixel:
here: and here:

free washi download from bonjour:

Vintage fabric deco tapes from Pugly Pixel:

Old tape textures & PS brushes (high res.) from Fuzzimo:

Packing tape textures from fuzzimo:

Creature Comforts striped digital tape:

These free printables would make great washi tape:

Free tape strips from The Cottage market
(found thanks to Malia at Yesterday on Tuesday):


Store DIY tape bits
- via Pinterest:

Gorgeous washi storage ideas from Ishtar Olivera:

pinksuedeshoe's washi storage rack:

Cathe's cigar box turned washi holder tutorial:

DIY wooden tape dispenser by Kasa at Paperama.

DIY tape dispenser from recycled box - from To Boldly Fold:

Yera's tape holder using a macaroon box:

Tape holder from waxpaper box - Choosing Simplicity :


Thank You so much for stopping by! oxo

P.S. I'll be adding links as I find them, so if you love washi tape check in here for more later. If you have a washi or craft tape fave, please share with us? :o)


Margie said...

Oh Mel - you are an angel! This couldn't have come at a better time as I got loads of washi tape and Cath Kidson tape in my Christmas package from my lovely DILs who know how much I love to craft. Thanks for all the brilliant ideas - can't wait to play. Happy New Year to you and give that migraine monkey a good kick!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for posting sooo many great ideas for tape. It boggles the mind. I can't wait to get started. Just can't decide which to try first.

Dawn said...

Girl....where's the duct tape, MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE!!!

Just putting this blog post together would give me a migraine!

How AWESOME is this!!! Wow!! You never cease to push me and make me want to try something new. Not sure if I love you or hate you! LOL! no, I luv ya!!

Happy 2012 to you, C, and Mouse! I hope it proves to be a less "M" year for you!!!


Sunghee said...

Happy new year mel!
Thank u so much for this post. I love washi tapes and my favorite from this post is using it on biz card. I shall try that.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

So much inspiration! I love washi tape and you have such a terrific round up of ideas. Thanks for linking:)

Sarah (Yup) said...

This is absolutely amazing! You've given me even more reasons to love washi tape. Thanks for including me in this fantastic list!

Allison Rankin said...

You are a machine. I haven't gone there yet with the washi tape. Saw some in the LSS but I just couldn't commit. What fun!

Anastasia said...

Oh My, what a job you've done! Thank you!

sherry h said...

what a complete and thorough list!! thanks for posting some awesome ideas! :)

englishlans said...

Thank you for sharing your finds. Very inspiring!

RoseAddict said...

Wow! Wow! and more Wow! How is it that I have never seen your site before? You have ideas for EVERYTHING! And what you don't have tutorials for, you have links to sites that do! (And even what you do have tuts for - you're not afraid of any competition,)

Thanks so much for all this fabulous info, ideas, links, and inspiration. Forget Google; I'm using MelStampz as my search engine from now on!

Guess I should be whispering this -- I have migraines, myself, so I know what all those exclamation points will do to a person caught in the evil clutches of a migraine. Something that has been of great benefit to me and to most others I've told about this (doesn't work for everyone, but it's definitely worth a try) is essential oil of lavender. I usually get it at Whole Foods, but even many of the newer, larger HEBs (a central/southern Texas grocery store chain) now carry essential oils, so you may be able to find lavender in your grocery store. Just a drop on a Kleenex, pillowcase, or even my sleeve if I have nothing else at hand when a migraine rears its ugly head will very frequently stop it in its tracks or, at the very least, make it less severe. (Note: NEVER take essential oils internally, or even put them directly on the skin without diluting in a carrier oil. They are safe to use when used properly, but they are very strong.)

Kat said...

Amazing collection! Thanks so much:)

Patricia said...

genious...thank you very much for this good ideas...

Sharon Field / Inky A*Muse-ment said...

Wow, Mel! You've really put together a big resource here! Thanks for sharing so much info and links! Hope you're feeling better (no migrane headaches)!

Laurie Ashbach said...

Hey Mel, Thanks for listing my blog on 'Ways to use Washi Tape'! I had so much fun at The Creative Connection, especially taking a couple of classes from Leslie Shewring, the queen of Washi Tape. Her blog is Hope your head feels better.
Laurie from in{side}out

OMIYAGE said...

What a wonderful collection of tape ideas! And thanks for including some of our projects with your readers.

I've shared your round-up with our readers here:

I think my favourite thing made with washi tape was the flower gift bag in this post:

Debbie O'Neal said...

This is fabulous ! Thanks for gathering all these awesome washi tape goodness in one place :) I love washi tape and wanted to make some for myself. Off to play !

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Thank you for putting all this ideas together!!! wow!!
And thank you for including mine! : D
I will share your post on my fb page!!! ^_ ^

natalia said...

I love this post!!! Gracias!!! :)

Diane said...

Thanks so much for this fabulous round up of all things washi tape! I have shared it with my blog readers as an incredible resource. I appreciate your work in collecting and sharing so many ideas. I hope that your headaches have improved!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've never seen so many ideas for tape. I found you through Diane @ Capadia Designs. You have a very interesting blog. I came to look at tape and have been here for over a half hour. Love it. I'll be back.

marymaci said...

What an amazing resource for washi tape. Mel, this is incredible! Thank you!
Fabulous Diane from Capadia linked you as a resource.
i appreciate the time and effort you put into this. Amazing!

byAnnette said...

Mel ~
Diane from Capadia Designs sent me

What a posting of all things Washi!!!

(I am your Blog Tune-Up classmate)

Lara said...

Wow, Diane from Capadeia Desogns sent me- I have all these great ideas now! Thanks for gathering all of this!

Jamiecrafts said...

WOW Mel, I was just telling my sister about Washi tape and she had no clue what I was talking about... now I can just send her this link and she can read all about it. great job I dont think you left anything out! ;)

Bernadette said...

Wow! Thanks for compiling all these ideas. Diane at Capadia Design told us about your great site.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Thanks

Vicki Dutcher said...

Thanks for all the inspiration and links! So nice of you to share!!

Sage said...

Diane at Capadia Designs linked to you, and I'm glad she did...I love all the inspiration..thanks!

memtree said...

wow! what a huge compilation! thanks :)

LePaperCafe said...

Thanks for the great ideas and examples.

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, who knew. I just love all these ideas. TFS.

Carole RB said...

OMG Mel you must have been working like crazy for finding all those links. I spent all day looking at thoses sites. I can't thank you enough for all this inspiration and all the work you've done. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Have a great weekend!

Leslie Hanna said...

Mel, you are DA BOMB! I shall spend the rest of the evening reading & watching all these fantastic links! *MWAH*

Renee V said...

Holy moly this is an amazing post! You are the bomb!!!!!!!!!! I feel so bad for anyone dealing with chronic pain.. crossing my fingers that something will be found to help you out of the darkness :( Thanks so much for this, it's the best washi post EVER!

Kana said...


It seems that the link for "Aimee's washi clips" may be incorrect. I made a search on google and found her link for this project:

Anonymous said...

excellent post, thank you !

Anya said...

That's quite a collection! Thanks for putting it together.

Nancy S said...

What a fantastic colection of ideas, thank you so much!

Arnoldo L. Romero said...

This post is a fabulous reference source. Thank you very much for sharing ALL your wonderful finds on the web. Blessings!

sheila 77 said...

This is seriously fabulous. Thanks very much and thanks for all the pretty pictures with the links too.