Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hiding away with the Blues

I'm so sorry for being gone so long.
Anyone else feeling those Winter blues?

I've been taking a beating from the relentless migraine-beast
lately (and to be honest) quite a bad case of depression
that has had me feeling extremely tongue-tied in life & online,
so I've been hiding away...

mouse's halloween costume (1)

(I normally have a dash of melancholy in my constitution
but not as much as recently. Winter has really konked
me over the head this year, I tell ya!)

mouse's halloween costume (2) - Copy

And I am working on getting ready to poke
my head out into the world again:

mouse's halloween costume (3)

(and I've been pinning to try &
stay in the creative mindset)

Just wanted to stop in to say sorry for my absence &
Thank You so much for your patience. I hope you have been very
well lately & that your days are filled with creativity and happiness.

much love,

(and love from Mouse too--who is just wonderful and much healthier than
usual, lately ...knock on wood!)


Denise said...

glad to see your back..sort of back :) Sorry to hear of your melancoly, can relate to that and have started to get severe migraine like headaches - so heaps of sympathy to you there too. Please know you touch a lot of people with your talent - I have been stopping by your blog for over a year now and I am down under in Australia! G'day and keep your chin up, kind regards Denise

craftimamma said...

I only found your blog a few months ago but am so sorry you're feeling under the weather (quite literally by the sound of it). I hope you continue to improve (Spring is just around the corner which will help :o)) and as your blog is in my sidebar I shall pop back when you feel up to posting again.

Love the beautiful pictures you chose to illustrate how you are feeling. They made me smile!

Lesley Xx

linda said...

totally know the winter blues feeling... not sure why so many folks are in a funk, it seems! I'm sure it'll just take a bit of time...things will swing up!

Margie said...

Hey Mel - no need to apologise! After your last marathon on uses for washi tape, I reckon you deserved a break! Love the pics of Mouse - looks like she's enjoyed snuggling up to you. Take care.

Meapuntoatodo said...

Animo querida, todas tenemos etapas de melancolia, falta de ganas de hacer nada , depresion incluso... pero espero que salgas de esta situacion fortalecida. Un beso

Sue said...

Hang in there spring is right around the corner. When you feel like that all ya can do is wait for it to pass. We are not going anywhere LOL There is so much info on your blog, A BIG THANK YOU, it could keep a person busy for a year LOL. Feel better soon, sending good thoughts and prayers.

Sue said...

Sorry to hear you have been feeling depressed. I too suffer from depression and I also go quiet when it all gets too much. I am lucky enough to be going to Egypt in 2 weeks so some winter sun and hearing the call to prayer always tops up my happy battery for the remaining winter months. I hope you can find something to top up your happy battery until sunnier days are here.

vdoyle8 said...

Wishing you sunshine and painfree days! I was just thinking about you yesterday and hoping you were just busy, not dealing with migraines. Hope today is better ..

-Candi said...

Hugs... I'm with you and completely understand. I've had sinus infection after sinus infection this weird winter and my kids & husband keep getting sick as well. I've been hiding in the house like a little troll and just have no desire to do anything crafty, I've even been avoiding my usual message boards because I just can't bring myself to post or be social. Hope we both feel better and get out of our slumps soon! :::hugs:::

PS: your blog has been a great source of inspiration during my down time though, I'm obsessed with the idea of washi tape now :)

Dawn said...

awww, hugs, Mel!!! I just wish there was something I could do to help... I miss you but totally understand.

Spring is just around the corner my friend!!

xoxoxox and a squeeze for Mouse

Marianne said...

So sorry to hear you're still not feeling much better. Hope this will pass soon. Could do with a bit of sunhine myself. Our winter has been exceptionally cold and wet so far (to Greek standards, that is), but at least I don't have to cope with snow or frost.
Love the pics of Mouse. One of our cats is just recovering from her sterilisation op. She has been resting in her own little cubby hole for about 36 hours and is now exploring her other sleeping places again ...

Sarina said...

I know what you mean.It's a terrible feeling and you feel really sick.I wish you all the best.
It is awful.Take your time and hopefully you feel better soon,

dragonfly60 said...

Warm hugs to you! It's such a difficult place to be but I know Jesus will take care of you. I am going out with friends today and have struggled for 3 days not to cancel. It's so tough eh.

ps Love your blog and am happy to wait for you to feel better!

Pam said...

I'm so sorry that you are feeling down. Please know there are a lot of people who are grateful for the enormous amount of giving that you do. I'm sending uplifting thoughts your way. Sometimes I use You Tube to lift my spirits when I am down. There are a lot of cute baby and or dog antics to make me smile. Brighter days are coming, I am sure of it. :)

Michelle Quinno said...

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I hope you are back to feeling good soon!

Carol T said...

I will keep you in my prayers, that you will feel better. It's so hard when you are in pain & nothing helps. You are a blessing to all of us!! Thank you for giving all your creative projects!!

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

Chronic Migraines here too Mel. I can feel your pain. No apologies necessary. Work when you can and enjoy when you can. We will be here for support when you need us. Lots of Hugs, Morena

sewnsew1943 said...

I know what you mean about the winters blues, migraines are no fun either. Although we miss you, I am sure all the folks out here in cyber land want most of all for you to get better and we are looking forward to you being back to good health.
Take care of yourself first.

Vee said...

Hi Mel
Welcome,welcome back have missed your inspiration so much, hope the dark days are getting lighter by the minute. I'm sure Mouse is a great help in your recovery.
Vee xx

marilync said...

glad to see you posting again. i have missed you. how about a little joke to lighten your day. A kindergarten teacher was helping Johnny with his boots. She struggles & finally manages to get them on, when Johnny informs her that they are on the wrong feet.umph. she pulls them off and puts them on the proper way only to be told by Johnny that the boots are not his.UMph.she pulls them off at which point Johnny tells her they are his brothers & his mother his making him wear them.UMPH. now she is sweating and clearly frustrated as she struggles to push them back on. Finally, success..she helps Johnny with his coat & asks where his mittens are to which he replies he stuffed them in the toes of his boots so he would not lose them.
She is up for parole in 5 years. take care

Dolores~CraftyD's Creations said...

Glad to hear from you again. So sorry to hear you have the winter blues. I try to keep them away by walking several times a week. Yes I dress warm and go for it. Loved your pictures of Mouse, I think he is relating to your pain.
Whenever you feel up to it again I always love viewing your talents on your blog. You are so inspirational.
Hope you feel better soon.

jperr said...

Mel sorry to hear about your depression,if I wasn't on my pills I would be right down there with you,so glad science has created something for chemical inbalance.Hear is a little saying I found on line somewhere.
Beautiful Pictures
are developed from negatives in a dark room.So if you see darkness in your life,be reassured that a beautiful picture is being prepared.
My thoughts are with you,

Unknown said...

I am so sorry you have been having such issues. It won't be long before the winter is over. Hang in there ;)

Lielanie said...

I'm going through exactly the same thing.. and along with it comes anxiety and acid reflux. :( Boo, I dislike when things keep me from crafting.

jill said...

hope you find a bit of joy soon - you give so much - you deserve it.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Oh man- I have a migrane on/off- mine are from my neck, so I go get a shot and have a break for a month or two.....Bless you- I hope you get a break from the darn headaches soon and feel some sunshine in your life!!!

Melanie said...

I hope you're feeling better soon!!! Glad to be following you on Pinterest now!!!! YAY!!! Gosh, that site is addicting isn't it?!?! I spend hours just surfing around.

Lenoria said...

I'm so sorry you have the blues and migraines! I miss seeing your postings and I always enjoy your blog. I hope you feel better soon.

Holly Young said...

oh poor Mel! Anyone would be down in the dumps if they suffered from migraines the way you do! I will keep you in my prayers!

Eni said...

So glad to hear from you!
Sending lots of sunshine to you!
there'll be flowers and sunny,warm days soon!


Beth Norman said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are so sick again. Sending hugs.

Baukje said...

It's good to hear from you Mel, I've missed you, but I'm sorry your not feeling well and those migraines continue to hamper your creativity.
Sending you cyber hugs.........Baukje

g said...

{{GIANT HUGS}} and sending good thoughts your way!

Anonymous said...

I've only discovered your blog recently, so I still have lots to read ;) (I allready "used" your tutorial about cut out pressure embossing! Thanks!)
Your health is important, don't feel bad about not posting! You are not obliged to do so, it should be/stay a fun thing to do and not a chore or seen as work.
My sister had a sort of burnout last year as well (she's very creative with felt, and what she has done is do a weekly happy stats. Just one post a week about what made you happy that week. It could be small things like the way your cat was playing/hiding under the clothes. A pretty flower in the garden. Patient blogreaders ;). That might help against feeling blue.
Debbie / Daqa

Victoria said...

Hi Mel,
I'm so sorry you're feeling down.
B.C. winters can do that to you.
Friends have told me that light boxes are really helpful.
Also I've read that getting outside also helps.
Take care,

Suzi said...

I hope knowing how much so many care about you helps the blues, if not the migraine. Even though, I'm in an area that doesn't haven't much winter to speak of, I don't get out much because it is a hassle being on supplemental oxygen. I think lack of sunshine contributes to the blues. I am GOING to do it! I'm going to sit in the sunshine today. You have motivated me. Hope you can do the same!

Unknown said...

so sorry your feeling down right now i understand as i suffer fron SAD seasonal affective disorder and i cant wait till march pops it head around the door by then it all seems to be better i hate the months from oct to march so heres hoping you get better sending hugs and i love your puddy tatt....hugs sassyx

Leslie Hanna said...

Good to see you, though you have NO OBLIGATION to blog, ya know. :)

I've been killing all sorts of time on Pinterest, just enjoying your boards.

Take care! xoxoxox

Shelly said...

I'm sorry you're struggling, Mel. I hope tomorrow is headache-free and a brighter day for you and that you'll have many more days like it. Big hugs!!!

Marie S said...

Do not feel guilty or bad about feeling blue... it's a condition, you need to take care about yourself.
I LOVE your blog, it's the best one i know on the internet, so MANY inspiring ideas ! You really make a difference... THANK YOU SO MUCH ! :)

We love you Mel, please take care.
Marie from France

Pat (mspfd) said...

Migraines are the worst and can be a real downer, not to mention the weather! Feel better, and just take it one day at a time!!

stempelsaloon said...

Dear Mel, I love your blog so much and it is great to hear that you are feeling better. Concerning the "winter blues": I used to suffer from it several years. Then I found out about vitamin D3 (for information search GOOGLE). If you read it: just give it a try! All the best to you and warmest greetings from Germany, Christiane (who is very lazy in blogging ;o))

stempelsaloon said...

Dear Mel, I love your blog so much and it is great to hear that you are feeling better. Concerning the "winter blues": I used to suffer from it several years. Then I found out about vitamin D3 (for information search GOOGLE). If you read it: just give it a try! All the best to you and warmest greetings from Germany, Christiane (who is very lazy in blogging ;o))

Mel said...

Sorry to hear that u're feeling the blues but just want you to know that your stuff never fail to impress and inspire! And dont feel bad about not posting, take all the time you need to refresh and recharge.

Dipti said...

Dear mel,
had been waiting for ur posts for a while now, was wondering if u were alright. you are such an intense, dedicated and creative person. very few artists and crafters have the patience and are charitable enough to document, photograph and share their creative process.tell urself that when u feel down. i've been there n i know how u must be beating urself up over nothing.always remember that u r an inspiration for aspiring crafters like me
love n take care,

craftyjay said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling low... migraine is awful - I suffer myself but couldn't imagine having it constantly :-( My daughter suffered with status migranosis for months and months and missed a year of uni. So glad you're back. You need to get away from your computer for nice walks in the fresh air - should uplift your spirits! Thank you so much for your tutorials and freebies and I love your photos too!