Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! ...and a vote request? :-D

Happy almost Thanksgiving to my American friends! (As a Canadian, I love that you
 celebrate later in the year. It's a great reminder to me to be Thankful all the time.)
Here's to You & Yours! May your holiday be brimming with love and laughter. oxoxo

And speaking of love & laughter....

...please vote for this cuteness?

If you have the time & the inclination would you
please vote on facebook for this photo contest entry? 


My Cousin Heather is entering for my Aunt Maggie. They are two
incredible women who dream such beautiful dreams for each 
other & everyone they know. It'd be such a thrill if they could win. :-)

If you don't mind, you can vote once each day. A giant thanks 
in advance to anyone who feels like spreadin' the Love. :-D

Happy Wednesday!


Artes de N√°gela said...

Today already voted!

missmacymay said...

Hi Mel, I can't seem to get the link to work, each time I click "here" it doesn't go anywhere. Is anyone else having this problem?

vdoyle8 said...

Voted -- so happy to be able to do something for you for a change after all the inspiration you've given me~

Margaret McDonald said...

Thanks Melissa for reaching out to your friends and followers to help us win this contest.
You are the sweetest, I remember when you were born. I sat by the phone all night. I wish we lived closer but thank goodness for all this technology.
Keep voting Mel's peeps and I'll paint her something special.
auntie Margie

Unknown said...

I had no problems, voted and all is done, Happy Holidays.

Chelsea said...

I'm happy to vote! You are so generous with your creativity, it is a delight to be able to do something in return. Thank you for the opportunity.

Margaret McDonald said...

Thanks Donna and Chelsea for voting. Remember you can vote once a day!
Melissa's Auntie Margie