Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to get cleaner detail cuts with your Silhouette machine (+ free Eyelet Lace background cut file)

Thought I'd experiment to see just how finely-detailed cuts on my Silhouette machine 
could be. Turns out you can get quite a lot of small detail if you use a few little tricks.

eyelet lace background pattern - free cut file

So I've researched things a bit & here's what I found...

(How to get better detail cuts
with your Silhouette machine)

#1 - Use a smooth paper, like Neenah solar white cardstock, used here for the piece cut above. Or a lot of people seem to swear by American Crafts cardstock & other textured papers. If you want incredibly detailed cuts check this out.

#2 - Use a fairly new blade and be sure you aren't chipping it. Use a new-ish mat also.

#3 - Set it double cut to be sure you are getting all those little cuts & slow the speed down some.

#4 - Check your advanced settings, and change your packet size to 500; Here's some info from Kerri Bradford on that. You can experiment, perhaps 1000 bytes is better for you (as it was for Debbie).

#5 - Clean your blade very regularly, gently removing any built up pieces using a paint brush to prevent build up of paper bits. (If you use a pin or tweezers, do take care not to chip the blade.)

               And I've found that...

#6 - As a last resort, you can also tidy up any missed bits 'manually':

Clean up any missed cuts (in Silhouette files) using a paper piercer and or BasicGrey precision files

There were one or two tiny spots that didn't cut, so I used a paper piercer & BasicGrey precision files 
 to clean them up. It may take a little extra work, but it does seem worth it for really intricate cutting.

An Xacto blade (or hobby knife) is also a wonderful
tool to tidy up the odd little missed cut section.

free cut file

This Eyelet Lace background pattern is a cut file that I made and
thought I'd share as a freebie, in case any of you would like to use it:

eyelet lace background pattern - free cut file
Silhouette .studio cutting file here.

eyelet lace pattern A2 card size

Download the free Eyelet Lace
.SVG cutting file here.

  This is my first .svg, so would you please let me know if it is not okay?
( I don't have Make The Cut or other software to test it out on... ) :-)

This digital work is offered up for free, but mainly for personal use & handmade sale items only.
Please do not use these to make digital papers or kits for sale & no mass produced items.
If you have any questions, please be sure to read my terms of use here. Or email me. Thanks!

Happy Creating!

P.S. Looking for cut files & tutorials? This is my Silhouette Pinterest board... the spot where I keep track of all the brilliant people out there, and amass free cut files for the silhouette (and other cutting machines). So much to learn!


Glennis F said...

Thanks for the great tips Mel. I will be back to look through your board - it's mind boggling!!

Artes de N√°gela said...

A hint to slow cuts to a silhouette decreased considerably the losses of parts and material waste. I was surprised with the result so positive that I am using my regular silhouette.
Thank you!
His admirer of Brazil!
Have a nice day!

ike said...

Hi Mel - thank you for this :-)
I found much better results after using a slower speed and if I am unsure with delicate stuff, the double cut always sorts it out.
I use Silhouette programes on my CraftRobo :-D

IKE in Greece xxxx

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Anonymous said...

What a Great file!!!!! Thank you SO much for sharing it with us!!!!!

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE to see you posting again! I get so excited to see your name in my inbox. I hope you are well. I love your cut file and I totally agree with the girl who's link you shared. I have been using the DCWV Glitz glitter stock and it cuts unbelievably in my Silhouette and I am using the SD with a Cameo blade and Cameo mat (makes all the difference in the world). Thank so much for sharing your cut file. You totally rock!

linda from arizona said...

I use Cutter Glide on my blade. I've been using the same blade for 6 months now. Every time a cut gets a little rough, I swirl some Cutter glide on the blade and everything cuts smoothly.

Holly Young said...

Thanks Mel - great tips!

alexandra s.m. said...

How creative of you!
Thanks Mel ;)

Sue from Oregon said...

Thanks Mel! I have found that if I use the speed 1 on intricate cuts I have great results! I press cut and go do something else while I wait. Hmmm reading a comment about Cutters Glide...have you heard anything about that?

verybellemakes said...

Hi Mel - firstly thanks for these Silhouette tips - I'm still very much a beginner and these have come in very handy! Secondly, thank you so much for the lovely comments you recently left on my blog, made my morning :-) Hope you'll pop by again soon x