Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Book spine Bookmarks--how to

I eat books whole (translation I read sometimes 2-3 books a week or more) so I need a lot of bookmarks. No more using Kleenex to mark pages for me! (Clean Kleenex though--I swear to you.) Thankfully I have friends who read a lot too, because these make affordable little gifts. This set is made for my significant other. :0)

I got the idea for these from some great links found thanks to the tireless efforts of Alison on her blog Stampin' When I Can:

Coleen's corner bookmarks
Deanne's Bookmarks


Digital Camera
Card stock (I use Naturals white for two reasons: I like the weight it is thicker than whisper white, & the subtle speckles are great for vintage projects.)
Computer & Printer
Background stamp
with text (or flourishes, or....) I used Friend by Definition
Versamark ink pad
Embossing Powder (clear)
Heat gun
Wire cutters
(with needle-nose pliers)
Beads (I used clear silver, & silver metallic seed beads.)


Step 1: Take photos of some books. I chose these books to shoot, because they are: A) my most antiquey looking volumes, B) varied in colour, C) matte finish with some metallic details, so they photograph well, and D) titled aptly.

Step 2: Alter your photo to taste & set print settings. The photo above is the original picture.

Step 2 (cont'd): This second photo above is the one I altered in Microsoft office picture manager. It is rotated & the contrast is heightened. When you print your photo be sure that you print it landscape setting (in page setup) and that you print the full page. (If you are using Microsoft office picture manager be sure to uncheck that box that says fit to frame---or it will cut of some of your image.)

Step 3: Print your photo, and trim around each book. If you want to distress the bottom as I have, (leaves a realistic aged texture for images of well-loved books) just be sure to leave a little extra paper around the image.

Step 4: After you've trimmed & distressed your spines, stamp them with a background stamp that's covered in Versamark. I've used a text background (Friendship by Definition.) Emboss with clear e.p. This leaves an interesting texture but also gives visual interest and physical weight to the bookmark.

Step 5: Put eyelets into the tops of your bookmarks (prevents the wire from tearing through the paper--and looks perty) :0) Then cut a piece of wire (I used 3-4 inch lengths for these.) Loop the wire through the eyelet, twist it together, slide on beads. Crimp & twist wire (finishing the end, so it's not left sharp.) Shape the beaded wire (being careful not to overwork it--or it will snap) and there you have a BOOK bookmark. Here are those wiring directions pictorially (click the pic to read it):

And here's the finished project:

I plan on mounting them (with repositionable adhesive) on a piece of cardstock so that they retain their bookshelfy appearance.

Thanks so much for looking. Happy crafting,
:0) Mel

ETA: P.S. The navy blue one on the far right is actually two cut out so they're together on one piece of paper as a double book bookmark, kinda fun.

ETA: Bookmark Folder here


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

These are incredible! I thought they were REAL book spines at first glance. What a unique gift...I really love it!

Alhambra Club said...

WOW, fantastic, I also thought they were real at first, thanks for the turorial. I don't read enough, only about one book a month but usually have two going at the same time.

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

These bookmarks are incredibly fabulous!!! Very impressive!!!

Leslie Hanna said...

What a fabulous idea!

Margaret McDonald said...

so cool. I'm with Denise I thought they were real too

Catherine said...

What a cool project! Everyone in my family is an avid reader - my sis and dad could set speed records - so everyone is getting bookmarks from me in their stockings. Might have to give this technique a try!

jenn* said...

WOW! these turned out great! they look awesome! i feel the need to read... =)

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Stop the presses! These are fantastic! I was sort of concerned at your having "destroyed" the original books, but then realised they were probably all put to good use anyway...

But, but... GOSH - how damn clevahhh are you?

Just love it - guess what I'll be photographing at the library this weekend ;b


Marti said...

I really like the bookmarks made out of spines, but this is the perfect solution for using the spine and saving the book too. I'd like to include this on a feature on the spine bookmarks with your permission. I'd include a photo, a brief description and then a link to your blog. You can check out my blogs to see what I mean. I would put it on Tutorials and Patterns.