Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coffee Tea or Templates? (Over 75) +ideas with Photoshop brushes)

Some Coffee & Tea Templates & Projects:

A Variety of Coffee/Tea Links:

Recent additions:
  1. Astoundingly sweet paper mache tea cup pattern & tut by Ann Wood
  2. Tea cup & handle template from Martha et al --template here
  3. Incredible pop up tea card--with food and coffee foam designs too!
  4. Felt tea pot ornament template & tutorial by Patricia (TOO sweet!)
  5. Claire's free tea bag tag template (bottom of the post)
  6. Claire's sweet tea cup template (for sale here with SVG & without)
  7. AWEsome template & card by Peet
  8. Great mug template: Free Cup of Cocoa template from Clear & Simple Stamps.
  9. Wake up scrub (great for little stamped recycled containers)

1. Mini printable tea set from About.com Template is on page 2 or 9 here
2. Pretty Paper Tea set (template & tutorial) from Crafts & Things
3. Tea pot (template & tutorial) from craftstamper.com
4. 3D cup template that you can put a tea bag in (by Sherry Graves)
5. Shrink charm from a to-go cup lid tutorial (get outta here cool!)
6. Felted tea cup pin cushions by Betz
7. Teapot pattern by ayumills (4 fabric, but oh so sweet for paper piece)

9. Tea cup card & template by Claudine
10. Tea cup template from Zakka Life
11. Lots of amazing cup/mug templates From Papercrafts Mag
12. & another coffee cup
13. Tea Pot bird house (great template to adapt for paper)
14. Tea cup template from Paperscrapz
15. Folk art Coffee Pot pattern from Folk Art Life
16. From Chia's Rubber Stamp Art
17. Double cup card template From Jersey Girl
18. Lindsay's gorgeous takeout Coffee Cup template

20. Becky's Coffee 2-5-7-10 bag (too ingenious & Patty's comment to put Chai in one is brilliant)
21. Becky's amazing TeaTOTEaler
22. & her triangle box would be sweet with a special tea mix
23. Vintage coffee pot emboridery pattern
24. Erin's coffee cozy (She links a PDF tutorial)
25. Coffee Corset Pattern from Let Betsy
26. Maya's Coffee Sack Hack: cork board!

27. Teapot pattern by Lori: Pot & the Accessories (see a sample here by Ann)

29. Tea shirt by Meryl (tea-hee-hee!)
30. Lindsay's sweet tea cup
31. Lovely Pop up Tea cup
32. Stephanie's Stunning embroidery patterns for Tea towels (or other craftiness) :O)
33. Adorable tea pot slider template by giasiana (see her sweet example here)
34. Lauren's "I'm a Little Teapot Box" (great example of how any box can turn into a tea pot)
35. 3D watering can one that would adapt wonderfully by sammy_nab
36. Coffee ground fossils
37. Coffee filter rose tutorial
38. Coffee filter butterflies
39. Adorable tea cup pouch
40. Susanna's altered coffee mug
41. Coffee filter template from runnerduck (would make a cute card, no?) & there's a sweet tea cup bird bath there & a DIY Costa Rica sytle coffee maker too!
42. Coffee can card holder from Kaboose

Martha et al:

Personalized Coffee blend
Betz White shows Martha how to make a teacup pin cushion
Dot painted tea cups (and more patterns here)
Monogrammed tea cozy
Tea Time Towels


Searches/Link Lists:
Edited to Add (most recently):

Coffee & Tea Photoshop Brushes:

I'm not sure if any of you use brushes in Photoshop (or GIMP which is free), but I find them to be super fun. Here's one I made of coffee beans, in case anyone wants to try it out...

It's like magic watching the different effects you can get with resizing the brush & changing the properties. You can take almost any image & turn it into a custom brush. :O)

There are a LOT of Photoshop brushes out there that people share for free. Some make excellent digital images (and are resizable & most are easy to make in any colour you like--in Photoshop.)

Brushes also make for amazing digital patterned papers--especially since Photoshop lets you layer, change their translucency, & fill line images with colour.

Some Brush Examples:
(artist credits are on each linked page) :O)

Coffee stain photoshop brushes
Morning coffee brushes
Coffee stains & splashes
Victorian tea set brushes
Teapots (& beer mugs)

Hope your day is filled with lots of get up & go!




Dawn said...

oh you're just too clever for your own good! LOL

great post...I love playing with brushes in PS=)

Anonymous said...

no get up &go but i had a shower...that'sabout it love lady

Vicki said...

Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work! You are amazing!

Creations by Patti said...

Hey Mel
I was just printing out a fabulous Tea pot and your update popped up in my mailbox - check this site on Splitcoast - Posting #8: http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=425242
best, Patti

Anonymous said...

WOWZER girl!! These are so totally awesome!! I so much love my coffee and I'm so glad I got to share my cup with your blog this morning cause these are ALL amazing!! :)

Gabriele said...

thanks thanks thanks!!!

I`m addicted to coffee *gg*

I would like to add the following (as you mentioned the GIMP): I have been using it for years now and it was not possible in the older versions. But today, you can use all photoshop-brushes also with the GIMP. Browsing all the wonderful brushes you find in the net can take days of your life *gg* so be careful :)

Hugs from Germany,

lauren bergold said...

oh wow, mel, that is *COOL*!!! i am not even gonna ask how ya MAKE brushes...i am only just barely learning how to USE 'em!!! you are waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of me, lady!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love tea! This post I will refer back to again and again :)
Thank you Mel!

Janine said...

Mel!!! As always you are the BEST!!! Hope you have been well!!
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

WoW `Thanks` for sharing all these!!!
`Congrats` on your DT....
Have a lovely Day :) x

prob21 said...

hi Mel,
as always another awesome project. TFS!
If you are used to some Cricut machine using SCAL, pls take a look at my blog: