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Caardvarks Hero Arts Digital--Baby Shop Box

Caardvarks Hero Arts Special Delivery Baby Shop Box mel stampz - Copy

This is the longest tutorial ever; it's crazy Baby! ;o) Oddly enough, new baby projects are generally missing from my crafty repertoire, sooooh.... when I saw Hero Arts ultra adorable Special Delivery set with these precious wee clothes...

...I couldn't resist making something baby-themed.
It wound up as a large gift box--a baby shop window box
with a lined awning "roof"...

The new box templates for this are basic, but hopefully useful. The box is made with 4 parts (all printable) for a nice large size 6 inches wide by 5 high. (Hopefully, you fellow makers of large cards might find it useful for a big card box too!) If you prefer small cards, you could just scale all the parts down to suit your needs. :o)

1... Caardvarks Challenge (Hero Arts digital!)
2... Digital stuff: KIT from Hero Arts (+a freebie by moi)
3... how to make wee chipboard baby clothes (embossed paper piecing)
4... Templates for a 6" x 5" x 2" box (+roof lid and base templates)
5... how to make the box
6... materials used here


This is for the Hero Arts Challenge. If you haven't seen all the spotlights on the Caardvarks designers & guests, then you are in for a treat and a half! :o)

There's more stuff I made there (which will have tutorials & templates to be posted here throughout the next week) BUT the real jackpot is
page after page of incredible work by the team.



Special Delivery

& Hero Arts Dictionary page

(for the box lining):

Digi Freebie

Teensy Tags (by me)

These wee tags say "Priceless!"
& theyare mirrored (in case you'd like double-sided tags)

Teensy "Priceless" Tags PNG

Teensy "Priceless" Tags PDF

make wee 'chipboard' baby clothes
(embossed digital paper piecing)

Caardvarks Hero Arts Special Delivery Baby Shop Box BABY CLOTHES by mel stampz

Embossed digital paper pieces turned into DIY chipboard...
(a new obsession I can't resist, LOL)

Step 1) Print the Hero Arts digital baby clothes (I used the brushes from that set Special Delivery set. It's so easy to size them however you want right down to the pixel & use them in any colour!)

Emboss on patterned paper by wiping or painting on Matte Medium
(It's clear, easy to apply & great at keeping the inkjet printer ink wet for embossing powder.

Two ways to emboss on patterned paper:

A) Print on the whole piece (the blue one cut to an 8.5 inch width to fit in the printer) with a section of the paper covered with Matte Medium.

or B) Use up your scraps. Glue a scrap of patterned paper to a piece of acid free copy paper so it's the perfect size for the printer.

FAVOURite Lil' TiP: Cutting sheets in half (so they measure 8.5 x 5.5 makes the printing go faster & the ink stay more wet for the embossing. :o)

Step 2) Print wee "priceless!" tags & emboss them

Some papers may not need matte medium to keep ink wet enough for embossing--more non-porous papers are great without treating them at all.

This Incandescent paper from Paper Temptress is the perfect example of embossable paper. You can emboss straight out of the printer. I drew the teensy tags, scanned them, and then printed & embossed them on the Incandescent paper. Here's an example of an image coloured with Copics on that PT paper. Clear embossing powder is just fine with your Copics (according to the official site.)

Step 3) Cut out baby clothes. To get the three colours, I just printed them 3 times. Takes only a minute or two, even with preparing the Matte Medium for embossing, but extras are handy for speedy baby clothes (or you could make 3 boxes at one time)

Step 4) To get chipboard strength with paper scraps: adhere embossed paper pieces to scraps of cardstock (until it is the desired thickness) I like to stick the image on one layer of scrap paper at a time (100 lb cardstock)--and cut only one layer at a time--so cuts are easier to make & more accurate.

Step 5) You can undercut on an angle under the image so layers don't show (and they go faster that way as well.) I used two layers here & they feel like pricey chipboard! :o) teehee

Step 6) Print just the hangers & adhere the baby clothes chip board pieces

Step 7) Make wee knotted tag threads:

A) Thread a needle & tie a knot in the end. (This is kraft coloured quilt thread.)
B)Pierce hole by hanger & thread through to back, so the knot is showing. Go back into cardstock--so that your needle is at the back...

Step 8) Make the thread pieces that will hold the wee tags. (Come up through the front with your needle)

here's a view of the thread close up

Step 9) Trim the thread ends & glue the tags on them (sandwiching the threads to hold the tags on) Of course, you can vary the length & twist the tags however you like.

Step 10) Glue the tags down for perfect placement, if you like. Since this was quilting thread, the tags bounced up too much, so I glued em down.

Step 11) Trim corners of the paper decoratively & pierce around image

Step 12) Stitch around the image


Free Template for a 6" x 5" x 2" box

Please click links if you'd like to
Download the template PDF/PNG:
(or click photos here & save as for the JPG versions)

5x6 BOX template (no score lines) PNG
5x6 BOX template (no score lines) PDF


...make the 6x5" box
(with roof/awning & base)

This is a really simple process with a whole lotta steps, LOL
(using all templates, so no measuring for the box with lid & base)

It will give you a box that measures:
  • 6 inches wide
  • 5 inches high
  • 2 inches (from front to back)
(The large size makes it suitable for giving large
cards --with room for envelopes--or for giving a gift in.)

To make the box:

1) Print the box template two times (choose template either with or without dotted lines)
2) Score each template (the template with no dotted lines has little tick marks showing where to score but leaves no messy lines)
3) Cut them both out (using a paper cutter for quick cuts or cutting free hand)
4) Embellish, however you like.
5) Assemble the box sticking it together--unless, you'd like a window....

To add a window:

1) Before assembling, cut a shaped hole for the window in the box front.
2) Embellish it if you like.
3) Add an inset piece for the image by cutting 12 pieces of cardstock to measure 5" by 1/2".
4) Adhere the pieces in a frame on the cut cardstock or acetate. Layering them on each other so they are 3 strips thick (or use dimensional tape if you prefer.)
5) Stick the image on that window
6) Add the back of the box

To add a lid & base: Print, Score & cut the same way as the box. Scallop however you like & Adhere the base & lid.

the box:

Step 1) Print cut score & fold two box templates (same template x2)

The size of the box just means that the template had to have 2 sides in order for me to share it with you. It has the added benefit of making the box really sturdy & letting it stand nicely because of the weight. :o)

a roof (lid)
(or awning)

Step 2) make a roof:

roof A) Print the roof template, Cut it, Score it, & Fold it.

roof B) Adhere scallop & trim away bits from the roof template underneath (that way you can match your own scallop, but if you'd like a free scallop (hand-drawn) template for this scallop size, there's one here.

roof C) pierce the roof lid, if you'd like to faux stitch or sew...

roof D)
Stitch the roof lid

roof E)
line the roof lid with patterned paper (hides the back of the stitching as well.)

Adhere the roof lid to the backside of the back half of the box.

the lining:
(and speedy ribbon ties for the top)

Step 3) Add a lining inside the box

lining A) Add lining & ribbon ties:

1) Print Lining (this is Hero Arts Dictionary page embossed on paper that was covered with a thin coat of Matte Medium. I changed the text to blue & embossed it in clear embossing powder.)

2) Cut the lining to fit the inside side & bottom (2 sides--measuring just under 5 x 2 inches and then 1 bottom piece--just under 6x2 inches) Adhere ribbon to inside of lining

lining B) Glue the side lining pieces with the ribbon in. [Two pieces measuring roughly 5 x 2 inches.] These side pieces sandwiches the ribbon ties for the box top nicely & hides the smaller side flaps.

lining C) Glue the bottom liner piece in. [One piece measuring roughly 6 x 2 inches.]

Here's the back half of the box with the roof, the liner, & ribbon ties.

the window:

Step 4) Put in a window...

Step 1) Cut a shaped window into the box front & embellish it if you like (I pierced this one to add seed beads stitched around the window)

Step 2) Stitch seed beads around the window

Step 3)
Make a raised frame and create a recessed window

3A) Cut sixteen 5 x 1-2 inch strips

3B) Dry fit & trim the pieces for a perfect fit. Adhere 12 of them around the inside to the box front (around the open window) layering 3 deep to make the recessed window.

Obviously, you could use dimensional foam tape but I like the cost savings & sturdiness of paper strips. :o)

3C) Cut a piece of thick acetate & adhere it. (This piece is cut to measure just a little bit under 5 x 6 inches and is adhere on top of the frame of paper strips.)

3D) Before your adhesive sets up, make sure your box will fold up properly (without the acetate blocking the bottom & sides)--ask me how I know to do this--hehehe

3E) Cover the adhesive, to hide the mess, by adhering the 4 remaining strips.

Step 5) Add the image to the window

image A) Trace the image onto a piece of cardstock (to get a matching shape) & cut it out.

image B) Adhere the image to the acetate window

image C) Adhere the matching shape on the back of the acetate--lining it up to hide any mess on the inside of the box.

main box assembly:

Step 6) Stick the box together:

A) To put the two halves of the box together: Cover the outside of the back piece with adhesive (sides & bottom only not the big area of the very back)

Adhesive suggestion: I love Tombow Monomulti for this. It's quick, with great hold, but a little extra time to wiggle it about for a great fit; however, it can be a bit messy.)

Nestle the front of the box on top of the adhesive covered back (the front over back gives very clean lines on the front corners.

the base:

Step 7) Add a base to the bottom:

base A) Print, Cut, Score, & Scallop the decorative box base template. This takes the weight of the box so a nice thick cardstock (at least 80 lb) may be a good idea.

base B) Trim corners of decorative box base so they are tidy.

base C) Adhere the base to the bottom of the box

finishing touches:

Step 8) Finish it off:

A) Make trim to tidy up the front edge of the inside of the box. Cut a piece of cardstock to measure 6 inches by 1 inch. Score down the middle. Pierce & stitch it.

B) Adhere the stitched trim piece & an extra thin strip of cardstock for dimension:


  • Hero Arts Digital: Kit Special Delivery & Dictionary page
  • Incandescent paper from Paper Temptress
  • Misc patterned papers & Neehah White cardstock (for the box & liner)
  • Matte Medium (by Golden), Computer & Printer
  • Clear embossing powder & heat gun
  • Sead Beads (these were clear, dyed green with Copic & Alcohol inks)
  • Paper piercer, needle, & thread (white & kraft coloured quilting thread.)
  • Tombow Monomulti, Pink Copic marker
  • Nestabilities label 4 (die cut, traced, scanned blown up... & cut.)
  • Scallop template (large) and punch (small)
  • White Organza ribbon
and that's it:

Thanks for checkin' out this labour of love! ynuk ynuk
Hope your day is a sweet as new born Babe,

P.S. Dear bad Flickr, I bought your glam year's membership, to post big photos, and you are all breaking up on me. Why you wanna play me like 'dat? It's you, not me! hehehe


Jan Scholl said...

I love this! How many different ways could this be used? So very versatile. But there has to be a better way than sewing all those beads. I can't see too good anymore. I wonder if pre-beaded mini wide ribbon would work? I saved this to look later.

Unknown said...

Oh WoW I have fallen in love with this project and I have to tell you in advance I am going to "case" your idea (is that what I'm supposed to call it - still new to all of this). I have a friend who is having a baby next year and this is now on top of my list to make for her. Your work is so inspiring and I love the fact that you give us tutorials so we can give it a go. Thanks for sharing such wonderful and creative ideas. I will send you a pic of my interpretation of your project when I have it completed. Thank you, thank you and thank you and Merry Christmas!!!!

Dawn said...

and that's it.... sheesh!! another "you never cease to AMAZE me" project! totally adorable!

*snicker*...was the embossing explanation for me?! *snort*


Agata said...

Wow! Such a great tutorial! Thank you for it and for sharing your super ideas!

katemade designs said...

You never cease to amaze me - there is so much detail and care in all your projects TFS

Becky said...

You are unbelievable!! This is gorgeous. All that you do is so creative and beautiful, I just love coming.

Holly Young said...

Wow Mel, you take such care in your projects - even making neat what isn't seen! I love all of the sewing and those teeny tags are so cute!

kksb said...

Well Mel....
Another incredible project!
Congrats!! Your work is beautiful and richly detailed. You inspire me! Thanks

Beth Norman said...

OMG another amazing tutorial. 50 photos. That's a record. Mel is the bestest girl in the world. Talented and such a wonderful on-line friend. Keep up the good work GF!

Unknown said...

I love everything about your box, love love love it ;)

Cindee Stacey said...

I follow your blog every day...but not sure that I've ever commented. Figured it was ABOUT TIME!!! I follow you in Google Reader & you have your own "folder" & it's titled "A-M-A-Z-I-N-G" cuz, girlfreeeend, YOU ARE!!!! Asolutely love your work!

Kim Etherington said...

It's absolutely gorgeous! So high end and elegant looking! Would make a darling baby shower give away. Great work once again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 18 Dec [LA 02:37pm, NY 05:37pm, UK 10:37pm] - 19 Dec [OZ 09:37am]).

Candy said...

OH MEL!!!!!!!!!
It is fantastic and I adore it!!
Hugs, Candy

Limarea said...

What a cute box! Thanks for the template and tut :)

Sabinette said...

I'm French, i visit frequently your blog, and i'm in love with your projects, all are wonderfull.
You will sea my english is not clear, so i don't let comments all times, but i often think to!!
Thanks for your ideas,

Steph Zerbe said...

Mel you are crazy awesome! Love all the How tos and big pictures! I am itching to craft. Thanks for the inspiration!

Allison Rankin said...

Gush...this is so cute!

Shantaie said...

Girl, This is the cutest box of all time! I LOVE this!!!

Gabriele said...

woooooow! GREAT!
Thanks a lot for this tutorial... and the templates.
I am one of the lucky winners of a Hero Arts digi stamps over at Caardvarks... and as I am becoming a Grandma for the first time in February and have been chosen to make the birth announcements (which is a huge honour to me!)... what could I do other than chosing this baby digi-stamp-set?? I am waiting now to receive it... and can`t wait playing around with it... thanks so much for this inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Cricut Freebies Search List, under the Elements post on Jan. 08, 2010. Thanks again.

LauraLee said...

Hi Mel, I stumbled upon your blog via a friend. I just love it. I wanted to let you know that I tried to download your box templates and the link it goes to says that the link isn't available. How can I get it? Thanks!
Lauraleelien at yahoo