Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wynken, Blynken, & Nod...à la Mo

This was beyond fun to make!
This Mo image makes me believe in magic again.

Mo's Digital Pencil  <span class=

The card tucks in the back pocket....

Mo's Digital Pencil  <span class=

of this cloud box:

Mo's Digital Pencil <span class=

1...Digital stuff: Mo's Digital Pencil image & coordinating DIY text papers
2...how to make the layered & embossed digital image
3...making the round background sky (emboss resist on watercolour wash)
4...details of the finishing touches
5...cheap tricks for custom scallops


(the Mo's Digital Pencil Image)

I bought this sweet Mo image some time ago.
I love it's playfulness & their sweet faces! (Plus, it reminds me of
the Irish Rover's song which is an old family fave.)

Antique Dream patterned paper freebies

I used this homemade digital text paper to make a photoshop brush & paper-piece the sail (embossed it on Candido Incandescent paper from the printer)

This digital patterned paper is made from a scan of
an antique dictionary page (It's 12 x 8" but will print on smaller papers too)

Antique Dictionary Dream 12 x 8
Download Antique Dictonary Dream paper PDF
Download Antique Dictonary Dream paper PNG
Download Antique Dictonary Dream paper JPG

The PDF might be a little big (long wait for a download) The PNG a little faster & the JPG the fastest; however, you lose quality every time you save a JPG file. Contrarily, a PNG is lossless, therefore higher quality.

To make your own patterned text paper,
(or using something else scanned):

A) Scan antique dictionary page (or fabric, photo, whatever....)
B) Crop the section I wanted (just the dream definitions)
C) Open with PhotoShop (or prefered software. Gimp is free here)
D) Create a new PhotoShop document (canvas size: 8.4" x 10.9")
E) Copy the text/image & paste it into that canvas repeatedly to fill the page
F) Save as a PDF and/or other file formats

Hopefully, this snippet gives you a better idea of the text:
dream dictionary definition d page crop copy
Download Antique Dictonary Dream paper Snippet PDF
Download Antique Dictonary Dream paper Snippet PNG
Download Antique Dictonary Dream paper Snippet JPG


...make the layered & embossed digital image:
(faux chipboard & fine cutting pointer)

Step 1) Print & Heat Emboss Mo's Wynken, Blynken, and Nod image (Just print on Candido Incandescent paper; then, sprinkle with clear embossing powder while the ink is still wet, and heat gun it.) I printed layers for dimension.

If you'd like to read more details about working with Mo's Digital images on this Incandescent paper please see this tutorial.

Step 2) To make sturdy chipboard-like layers out of your image (using just paper scraps): glue layer pieces onto more paper (as many scrap layers as you like) & cut again

Step 3) Colour net with Grey Copic marker (This is C3 Cool Gray No3)

Step 4) Cut out squares from the lower part of the net. (Fine cutting pointer: I painted the back of the image with a good layer of white acrylic paint for strength, since these net lines are super fine.) :o)


...make the round background sky:
(emboss resist on watercolour wash)

Step 1) Make a wash of Watercolour Crayons (or paint or ink) on watercolour paper.

Step 2) Cut watercolour paper wash background into a circle. Place image on the circle to show where you'd like to Fill in with grey marker (to make the circle of light around the moon.)

Step 3) Heat emboss a stamped pattern over the watercolour circle (in Versamark ink & clear embossing powder.) This big background stamp is the Cover a Card Tapestry 1 from Paper Garden Projects.

Step 4) Add a wash of black ink & water to create more contrasting resist effect with the embossed background stamp.
...the finishing touches:

A) Bead the edge, if you like (these are bugle beads stitched on after piercing around the circle with a paper piercer.)

B) Colour the image & adhere stars & swarovski crystals to the sky & fishing net

C) Make larger stars by adhering metallic star shapes to silver paper, cutting it out, & gluing on the crystals.

D) Hang one star from silver thread & sew on a button--it adds some movement :o) (This button is decorated with matching text paper.)

E) Add another matching button (on the bow wrapped around the box bottom.)

This sentiment is made with the free Beyond Wonderland font from dafont here.
Many thanks to Christopher Hansen for sharing it so freely!

To make the sentiment:

A) The mat: Print the cloud template, cut it & trace it onto watercolour paper
B) The sentiment shape: Print cloud template again (5% smaller)
C) Type the sentiment in a word document & Print it on Pearl Vellum paper
D) Quickly emboss the sentiment with clear embossing powder & a heat gun
E) Place the smaller cloud template over the sentiment, trace it, & cut it out
F) Stitch around the cloud shape & adhere to the bottom of the box


(for easier custom circle scallops)

I'm sure, you've seen all kinds of people make scallops from punched circles before, but I find it so affordable & adaptable that I thought I'd share a couple ways to make it easier & fancier...

These circles have that dream paper (linked up above) heat embossed on them--from the printer.

A) Print text onto the Paper Temptress Incandescent cardstock
B) Very quickly, sprinkle clear embossing powder over it & heat gun it
C) Punch out circles with a circle punch (I used a 3/4" one here)

D) Use a circle cutter to cut a circular window out of a sheet of scrap paper
E) Use the window cutter as a guide for making sure your circle punch scallops are even

Glue ideas for a quick (and cheap) scallop:

To keep the guide & the image from shifting, affix it with temporary adhesive.

To give yourself lots of play time (to move the circles around so they're even) consider using Tombow Monomulti. Squirt it on & let it dry for a more temporary hold. When you add the scalloped circle to your card more adhesive on the backs of the punched circle scallop will ensure a great hold. :o)

Clickable Blogger photos:


Hope your day is filled with magic!


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