Friday, July 8, 2011

Embossed Leather Look with Crayons (on a purse)

This purse box is a revamp of an old template you might recall.

It was made to give to
my cousin--and soul sistah--Shea.
(She adores red.)

red crayon rubbed embossing purse

Shea is also a big fan of butterflies, flowers, and
natural things with lots of texture.

The leathery texture on this is made by pressure embossing plain old red
cardstock; then adding the world's most affordable (and nostalgic) craft supply:



1... making a 'crayon rubbed embossing' purse (with a leather look)
2... cheap trick for cutting small paper bits (re-visited)
3... the free purse templates (an oldie)

...make a crayon rubbed embossed
purse (with a leather look):

  • Purse template (print 2) Free template linked at the bottom of this post, or well over 100 purse styles available in this link list.
  • Cardstock in the colour of your choice
  • Pressure embossing machine
  • Embossing folder (This one is Cuttlebug's plum blossom folder from their Asian set)
  • Crayons to suit the cardstock colour
  • Stamps (if you want)
  • Embellishments (I used embroidery threads, patterned paper, decorative brads, butterfly cut from BasicGrey Ambrosia paper & jazzed up).

This crayon technique is fast and ever so easy!
It gives you a leathery look to your embossing:

leathery crayon rubbed pressure embossing
(It looks and feels more leather-like in person, honest!) ;)

Step 1) Print the purse template & build it.

Step 2) Print the template a second time on the same cardstock (use this second printing to cut panels for the front, back, sides & bottom. that you can pressure emboss)

Step 3) Pressure emboss the panels in a Cuttlebug, or a Big Shot or what have you.

Step 4) Rub crayon over the raised areas of the embossing. I used different red crayons ranging from light to dark red, with the papers peeled off, and rubbed the crayons on their sides. The crayon gives you a leather look. (Tutorial on crayon rubbed embossing here or Crayon Resist embossing here).

Step 5) Embellish however you like.

I pierced holes along the edges of the embossed & crayoned panels and then stitched them. They are added to the purse all over...

bottom & sides stitched
(even on the bottom)

The handle was made with red cardstock layered over black cardstock:

stamped & heat embossed handle

I heat embossed the red cardstock handle with a
background stamp (a very old Paisley Stampin' Up background) in Versamark ink and clear embossing powder.

Then I adhered the red cardstock to a wider strip of black
cardstock, pierced holes, and stitched it with embossing thread. (The ends of the stitching were hidden when I adhered the handle onto the purse box.)

It was secured onto the purse with brads, so it would be sturdy.
To cover the brad backs, I added roses:

roses to embellish brads holding handle on
They were embossed in black, coloured red, & cut from this...

...Victorian Rose stamp

from Impression Obsession
(I have no affiliation with I.O. I bought
the stamp when I was designing with
Paper Garden Projects) :0)

The middle strap over the top of the box is also attached with decorative brads:

Basic Grey butterfly closure

I added BasicGrey Ambrosia patterned paper and more stitching. The butterfly is cut from BasicGrey 6x6 paper.
Its body is a wee silver metallic bugle bead & the wings have glitter & clear lacquer glue to bling-ify them (and make the whole thing more durable).

And the little butterfly trail carries onto the back of the purse strap:

closure back

The trail was made by adding knots of red embroidery thread.
(After sewing, I hid the mess on the back by lining the strap with red cardstock & then adding it onto the purse).


(for cutting small paper bits)

If you're cutting little things from patterned paper
(like these wee butterflies) you might like to try this tip.

Paint the back of the paper with acrylic paint (or
gesso) to strengthen it before cutting:


(Two free purse templates & tutorials
for how to put them together)

Thank You so much for having a look,
Hope your day is full of the kind of fun only a crayon can bring!


Lesley said...

Oh Mel, this is darn cute. I was thinking these would be nice filled with matching background notecards with envies. Thanks for a great tutorial. Now to get me some crayons.

Holly Young said...

super fabulous Melissa! I have done something similar with shoe polish. I love your real stitches - that really sells it!

Kim said...

absolutely gorgeous! This will be on my inspiration blog post tomorrow. TFS

Jennifer McGee said...

Absolutely stunning - I love all the details you've added! The french knot butterfly trail and real stitching are FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

Girl you rock~! I have never seen a paper purse so well built and so pretty! I have to remember the trick with the gesso behind the item I am cutting out, you have mentioned it before and I never remember....keep reminding me. I have done the crayons, they are fab!

Teresa said...

phenomenal! that is beautiful! i will be trying this sometime in the semi-near future.

g said...

i so LOVE this! so gorgeous in reds & the embellishment brads & butterfly are so pretty! i can't wait to try the crayon resist- so cool! my daughter's gonna LOVE getting one of these for her birthday! thanks for the awesome templates & tutorials! hope you're well! {BIG HUGS}

Becky said...

wow Mel, you do some incredible projects..This purse is awesome, also the tip on cutting small items, that is a great idea.

Dany said...

Es hermoso Mel!!! haces unas cosas divinas...

Maggie said...

Your purse looks great! The embossing and stitching really makes it look like the real thing :)

Linda said...

I love seeing your name in my inbox.. I know when I click on it you have something fun and creative in store for me..
This purse I love... every one loves a crayon!.. you always amaze me with how versatile you are, and how generous with free techniques and templates.
Thank you Mel



Dawn said...

Amazing once again! LOVE the "leather" purse!

Jean Cross said...

Wow, Mel. Funny, I ran into this on your blog today through Paper Punch Addiction. This purse is AMAZING, too, but I think I'll use the link I PM'd you about! Great job and inspiration!
naturecoastcrafter on SCS (jean cross)

Margie said...

I remember this template from way back but you've done a great job on this version. Thanks for all the tips and pics. What a really nice gift for anyone to receive - just lovely!

Shirley N said...

This is amazing and just gorgeous Mel, TFS!!!

Alyna said...

this is so fab :)
it really looks like a real designer leather purse. i am stunned to see it. it must have take a lot of hard fork. everything abt it is gorgeous. your cousin sista is lucky :)

Shoshi said...

You've done it again, Mel - another gorgeous project to delight us all with! Thanks so much. I adore these little handbag boxes - the one I made a while back from your templates went down a treat with the recipient. This leather look is fabulous. Must try it! As usual, your finish is superb - just goes to show how important detailing is. Separates the pros from the amateurs lol!

Chriss Blagrave said...

Your purse is truly elegant Mel! Thanks so much for sharing this and the links, I will have a go at this template :) said...

Your work is amazing!!! So much attention to detail such as the stitching makes this look like the real thing. Thanks for all the tips too :>).

Bernie said...

Wow this is fabulous! And it led me to your phenomenal 235 things to do with your Cuttlebug post. I recently got a Cuttlebug so that is a gold mind! Yahoo and thank you.
Blessings Bernie

Unknown said...

This is just totally adorable!! Thanks for all of the instructions on how to make this.

Janelle said...

This looks so real! It is just amazing! Thank you so much for sharing.

Meg said...

Oh, wow, this purse is gorgeous! Thanks for all the hints and tricks--I think I will be trying out some crayon leather soon!

Gabriele said...

Thanks so much for your tutorial! Especially for the gesso-hint on small cut-outs!! I`ll try that immediately today.

I am happy to see that you're blogging again ;)
(we both nearly had the same "out-time", because I had a really long break. Now I try to get my mojo again, so that I can write my first blog post again... that`s quite difficult: I don't really like the works I am making at the moment...

Wishing you a great weekend with loads of sun, so that you can enjoy your garden :)

Hugs from Germany,

Judy Inukai said...

What a wonderful project. The crayon technique looks wonderful. Thanks for the tip about cutting tiny pieces. That will help me out a lot.

Nancy S said...

OMG, is this an amazing purse! It must have taken you forever to put it together. Your friend will treasure it, I'm sure. And thanks for the how-to for the leather look; gotta try that!

Keely Livings said...

Mel...this is SO gorgeous! I love the faux leather look :)

sognatriceabordo said...

Cute! I'm following you from Italy. Please stop in my blog if you like. Thank you for tutorials.

ursula Uphof said...

Just loved everything about this little purse. I know I have crayons somewhere, going to dig them out. Thank your for sharin.