Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Three inch by Three inch notecard Purse (faux suede +more glue pen embossing)

The "Loved-it" purse template from SU makes a cute little purse, but when I tried to add 3" note cards to make a it a gift set, it was falling over. So I widened the bottom & scanned it for you to use. Here's the altered template. It works with SU's 3" envelopes or there's this three inch envelope template to make your own.

The techniques this card set uses are:

  1. Glue pen embossing
  2. My version of Faux Suede (SO easy that it's like cheating.)
Both techniques combine to create 'Faux suede glue pen emboss resist' <--haha that's a mouthful.( If you click on the picture of the purse below, you can see the effect a little better):
Faux suede glue pen emboss resist tutorial:

1. Print an image. I used this triangular banner from this great clip art site:

2. Lighten the banner (using photo software) & print it (I printed it on Perfect plum cardstock.)

3. Add glue pen embossing over the printer lines
  • Trace lines with a Sakura Quickie glue pen
  • Emboss the wet glue pen with clear e.p. & heat

4.The embossed glue pen acts as a resist for the easiest faux suede technique on the planet:

5. Just swipe it with White Craft (pigment) ink & remove the excess.
Told ya it was easy. And it really looks like suede in person, honest.

Working with the Purse Template:
(note: the template in these pics is the original one, not the extended one)

The purse template is available for download in this forum post.

Putting the template in the corner to trace it, saves cutting time & cardstock. If you mark a 1/4 inch long line for the score lines then shift the template up & use the first top lines that you marked to make similar markings on the bottom, then you can erase them and have no visible lines on your image. (If that makes no sense--'cuz you're visual like me :0)--then just see the pictures below (click 'em for a better view):

A) Mark a 1/4 inch long line for the score lines:

B) Then shift the template up & use the first top lines you marked to make similar markings on the bottom, then you can erase them and have no visible lines on your image.

Purse Details:

Cardstock for the purse is Perfect Plum. The glue pen embossed section is done separately & adhered with double-sided tape. The handle is made with wire & dollar store seed beads. The eyelets keep it from tearing. There are also eyelets to keep the purse closed with ribbon. (I'll add a photo as soon as those blammed camera batteries are charged) ;0) The ribbon is hand-dyed (SU's white taffeta.) Tutorial here & types that work well here

E.T.A. here's the closure detail:

It's just two eyelets on the main purse, then one in a little finger shaped paper mini flap. The two ribbon ends thread into the front mini flap. If that makes no sense, just let me know ;0)

E.T.A. Here's the view of the inside (with the envelopes & note cards:

The cards slide right out (or in) so there's no need to untie the front.
(Though you may want to add a little note to your recipient so they know that--or permanently affix the front) :0)

Note Card Details

Perfect Plum cardstock stamped with Riot of Petals background stamp in Whisper White craft ink. Distress embossed with clear embossing powder (just over heat it until you see dark lines around, but avoid scorching.) Hand-dyed ribbon (SU's white taffeta.) Round faux suede "hi" is done with the same glue pen emboss resist and punched with a 1" circle punch.

Happy Craftin' Crafty People! :0)

P.S. More searches on that clip art site:

blank keyword search here.
I found that searches for the keywords banner & flower turned up some lovely things.

Some other glue pen embossing projects
(it can give you so many different looks!):


Crissy said...

This purse is just gorgeous! And I'm not just saying that because Purple is my favorite color!

April said...

Be still my heart! This is stunning!! I love the color of course and the faux suede is amazing!!!

Margaret McDonald said...

just bee-ooutiful!!

Becky G said...

This is gorgeous Mel! You are rockin these purses, and the glue pen embossing is gorgeous too! Love the purple!

Alhambra Club said...

That purse is fantastic, simply beautiful and the cards for it are awesome. You have really created a masterpiece.

Karen Lindsay said...

These are all just beautiful! Wow! I'm gonna have to give that technique a try one of these days. :)

Carol P said...

Hey, no fair, that's my "secret" clippy site. :)

I think I used the same one for this card!


Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

Sara Henton said...

What a great idea!! I'm going to have to try this.

AnnMarie said...

Wow! This is stunning! Really elegant color combo! You are my hero, Mel!!! Really, super job!!

Kim Etherington said...

Wow.. I just love the design on the flap of the purse and the colours used! I can't wait to make one!!!

Tip Junkie said...

I posted your tip today! It's amazing. Thanks for taking the time to submit it.