Thursday, June 19, 2008

Paper piercing (aka faux stitching): Tutorials & Lots of links

ETA: Faux sew links towards bottom of this post...

Ever need a flower stem or a curved/swirly line? Free-hand paper-piercing (or faux-stitching) might be a solution. Here's how-to:


Draw a free-hand line lightly in pencil. The nice thing about this is that you can erase & redo it until you're happy with it. (If you aren't comfy doing it freehand you can trace the edge of a plate or something curved) :0)


Pierce along the line. If your holes don't seem to line up, you can just make them a little bigger until they do.


Draw stitches in with a marker or gel pen. You can hightlight the holes too for a bolder effect. I like to do this step sometimes with a Sakura glue pen and embossing powder. (See tutorial below.)

Tutorials for Paper piercing (faux stitchin') :
  1. Faux Stitching with stamps by Erika
  2. Faux stitching scs tutorial by Sharon (uses SU guide)
  3. With needle point canvas by Gina K
  4. Paper piercing curves tutorial by Beate
  5. Tutorial using intricate piercing guides by Keri
  6. With perfect layers tool by Cindy (retired SU tool, but you could substitute another ruler)
  7. With a serrated tracing tool by Angela
  8. With Tim Holtz ruler & making memories piercer (me and that homemade fun foam mat--again) Love it! :0)
  9. Faux stitching (video) by Christine
  10. With the perforator from Stampin' Up!'s distress tool kit post by moi, but someone else invented it (saw it at convention)
  11. With Scorepal & perforating tools by Heather
  12. DIY piercing guide (with doodles)
  13. DIY paper piercing guide (with stamps) by Angel
  14. Piercing a corner embellishment by Emily
  15. Blanket stitch look by Emily
  16. With Bazzil Stitch'z (tut & review) by Emily
  17. With paper piercing template (video)
  18. Digi faux stitch

Glue pen Embossed Stitches:


Pierce the stitches however you like.


Draw in stitches with a Sakura Quickie glue pen. (It's easy peasy and will be blue when it's wet (towards the bottom.) It dries clear. You may want to work in stages so glue is still wet, but it stays wet for quite a while.


Sprinkle with embossing powder. (Looks great in silver) & heat it. It may bubble a bit, but unless it's really been overheated, it should be A.O.K.) :0)

(with acrylic stamps & glue pen)

Thanks for reading and happy stitchin'--(however you do it!)
I'd love to hear which is your favourite way...

P.S. finished card here

P.P.S. Paper pierced patterns here


Tina said...

Thanks for sharing your technique! Piercing always looks great and takes a card to a new levl.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I can't believe I actually haven't tried this yet. However, if I were to try it, I do believe that I would just remove the thread from my sewing machine, and pierce the paper that way. Uhm, I really lost my train of thought when that Tim Holtz ruler photo showed up . . . I've been wanting that ruler but showing restraint since I'm trying NOT to spend right now! I love your tuturials! Your photos are always so fabulous!!

Maria said...

Beautiful stitchings, Mel. I think your cards are more like art work. . .you do a lot of your own stuff and which makes your card "unique" and one of a kind. I think that's the meaning of a true artist which I truly appreciate!!

Awesome job as always!


Penny said...

I love your lists - I'll be having a good old look around later on....

Thanks for the comments today :) The gold embossed corner stamp is actually by Unity but I know exactly what you mean as there are several out there which are very similar!

Annapurna said...

Can't wait to see your finished piece.

I recently bought the cross stitch plastic thingys and that is what I use for piercing, but haven't had a satisfactory faux stitching card yet.

Janine said...

Ah Mel you have done it again. I am babysitting my little niece this weekend so will have to really read everything you posted when I get home.

CG said...

Wowza, thank you. Great tips!

Sathya said...

Nice tip...Loved ur blog...Am ur new follower..