Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Over 100 envelope templates and tutorials

(source martha stewart)

Martha Stewart et al:
  1. Custom envelope instructions
  2. Cookie envelope
  3. Envelope books
  4. Keepsake envelope folder
  5. Kite string envelope
  6. envelope sachets
  7. Birthday card book (made with envies)
  8. Envelope cards
  9. Peekaboo favours
  10. Envelope books (cloth binding how-to)
  11. Envelope guest book (this would be neat for an advent calendar)
  12. Folding envelope hearts (cute!)
  13. Notebook with envelope pockets
  14. Heart seals
  15. Doily envelopes
  16. Envelope purse
  17. Martha Square Doilies folded into envelopesLink
Misc Templates:
  1. Super sweet envelope freebie from Delphine at Non Dairy Dairy
  2. A great selection of free envelope templates from Designers Toolbox found thanks to the PaperCraftPlanet newsletter. TIP: to use these: click on "die line" to download; save the file; open the zip file. They are eps files. The software recommended to open these is listed here, but I opened them by dragging & dropping into PhotoshopCS5 and it rasterized the file upon opening. I found with rotating and flipping that some would print on 8.5 x 14 inch paper.
  3. 3x3 envelopes by Sandra & 3x3 box by Stacey
  4. Template from Therapeutic crafting
  5. Criss cross card envelope by JoLynn
  6. Maria's envelope template & accordion book tutorial
  7. Mirkwood pentagon petal card--would make super envie for a round card! :0)
  8. Mirkwood hexagon petal card (also great envie for round card)
  9. How to make an envelope PDF linked here on scs
  10. Connie's DVD envelope (template & tutorial)
  11. CD envelope (Mirkwood)
  12. CD holder from Stampington & Co
  13. CD template by Leah shared by Michelle
  14. Bubbly Babs CD envelope
  15. Coin envelope
  16. Artist's Trading Card envelope (Mirkwood)
  17. Another ATC envie by Mary Beth
  18. ATC envie from Chia
  19. Curved sides envelope template by Beth
  20. 4x4 envelope
  21. 5 x 7 envelope from Kearny Street Workshop
  22. A2 envelope (5 1/2 x 4 2/8 inches)
  23. Printing envelopes on your computer

  1. basic envelope template (Mirkwood)
  2. Postage stamp envelope (Mirkwood)
  3. Interlocking envelope (Mirkwood)
  4. Judi (of Judikins & scrapbbok lounge) envelope video
  5. Envelope templates by Jan Donovan (3rd category down)
  6. Envelope by Jacci
  7. Curved envelope by enchanted learning
  8. Small Curved envelope by enchanted learning
  9. Trace existing envelopes tutorial (enchanted learning)
  10. 2" petal envie by nature's corridor
  11. Jen's pockets & envelopes
  12. From TAC (The Angel Company)
  13. Slender envelope template (from Stampington & Co.)
  14. Teabag envelope (from Stampington & Co)
  15. Many seed envelopes from Blossom swap
  16. Papercraft inspirations envelope template from May issue downloads
  17. Papercraft inspirations Sept issue interlocking envelope
Cute envelope alternatives/adaptable:
  1. Easter basket (it'd make a cute scalloped envelope) template
  2. Library pocket
  3. Library card pocket (Mirkwood)
  4. Mini Manilla folder (Mirkwood)
  5. Small file folders
  6. mini file folders
  7. teeny tiny file folders
  8. Miss Moddish seed packet
  9. Interlocking card Mirkwood (to make an envelope with open sides)
  10. Center tie card (Mirkwood)
  11. Card folder (Mirkwood)
  12. Mug card from Stampington & Co
  13. Mug card (Mirkwood)
  14. Heart envelope template
  15. Pocket card from Stampington & Co
  16. This'd make a cute purse envelope
More Envelope Inspiration:
  1. The CUTEst & funky (& earth friendly) envelopes by Erin
  2. Envelope fold pouch by Dawn (video)
  3. Dawn's envelope holder (video)
  4. Dawn's envelope card (video)
  5. Sweet seed packet envelope by Lisa (with brads for a closure!)
  6. Maria's envelope accordion folder
  7. & her hanging envelope organizer tutorial
  8. & lots more of Maria's envelope projects here
  9. Nichole's envelope card
  10. & her glassine envelope
  11. & her altered monogram stationery envelopes
  12. Magazine envelope tut by Kitschy-Koo
  13. Lauren's envelope with Scor-pal tutorial
  14. Kim's DSP envelope tutorial
  15. Lisa's coin envelope tutorial
  16. Clear envelope brag book SCS tutorial
  17. Envelope memory album SCS tutorial
  18. Use SU envelope template to make box lid (SCS)
  19. Folding envelopes for quarter fold cards by Jan
  20. Lori's Scallop envelope flap with Nestabilities
  21. Paper studios envelope making (video)
  22. Patterns inside of old security envelopes used as scrap elements by Grace
  23. Envelope fun with the Artistic Avenger (video)
  24. 5" square Envelope tutorial by Diana (video)
  25. Gift card & envelope tutorial by kmberger
  26. Tutorial with existing envelope as template by Jox
  27. Andrea's gift card holder using an envelope
  28. Lori's CD envelope tutorial
  29. Dini's envelope book tutorial
  30. Origami sailboat envelope by vinagurl
  31. wax seal for envelopes by claydon33
  32. Easy envelope tutorial by Gillian
  33. Envelope links from Being Crafty
  34. Envelope folding
  35. Quinn's envelope journal
  36. Paulette's birthday wishes envelope book (video)
  37. Envelope Box of any size by Shelley
  38. Folding a Note-a-lope by Michelle

Found thanks to
  1. Rachele's envelope trick
  2. Nancy's envelope solution
  3. Jen's envelope gift card holder
  4. Christine's advent book
  5. Tammy's envelope template
  6. Dani's envelope template
  7. Lindsey's envelope album
  8. Beatriz's altered envelope tutorial

Made with a Scor-Pal:
  1. Lauren's Scor-pal envelope tutorial
  2. Valerie's A2 envelope tutorial (perfect for bulky cards)
  3. Maria's envelope folder
  4. Lisa's Treat-a-lope
  5. Paula's envelope scrapbook tutorial
  6. Ashley's vellum pocket envelope (video)
  1. Envelope Glue recipe
  2. Nifty security envelope patterns by Niki
  3. Being Crafty envelope links
  4. Free blank envelope Links from About.com

my ancient envelope templates (these are rough)
Click titles 1-3 to go to template PDFs:

Mini Pockets & Square Mini Envelopes
1 template for these 6 sizes:
  • 1 1/2 " wide mini pocket
  • 2" wide mini pocket
  • 1.5 x 1.5 " square envelope (squared flap)
  • 1.5 x 1.5 " square envelope(rounded flap)
  • 2 x 2 " square envelope (rounded flap)
  • 2 x 2 " square envelope (squared flap with slit closure)

Happy Craftin' Crafty people!


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Awesome page/links, thanks so much! I've been looking all over for a "DL Envelope" template and/or lining template. Did you come across anything like that (with free download)? Would be MUCH appreciated! :)

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Hi Andrea, I've looked everywhere for a DL envelope template & even began designing one, but the problem is the size. It's just to wide an envelope to fit on a standard printer as a template. I'd say your best bet is to follow the method that many crafters use of tracing a store-bought envelope in the size you want to make a template. If you make it on heavy cardstock, then you can trace it again & again for new envelopes. Hope that helps some. Best of luck! :) Mel

AmyOfSweden said...

I am crazy about envelopes, thank you so much! :)