Monday, August 18, 2008

Over 100 links / Things you can do with your SCOR-PAL (& counting!)

The Scor-Pal:

(Sorry y'all that this initially went out to mailboxes unfinished, but here's the finished version) :O)

This one's for you Noreen! Inky hugs!

What's the Scor-Pal? I'd me remiss if I called it a scoring tool, since I've discovered that it's also an amazingly versatile & artful embosser. I never knew until I had one (and also spent a day drooling over these links) that I couldn't live without it! It makes everyday scoring a bazillion times easier & it opens up new worlds of homemade papers.
  • There are a ton of free project tutorials (the projects section) (clicking on both the links in the left and right columns will let you see a ton of great schtuff)
  • The Scor-pals Yahoo group: Scor-Pal Pals (you can share your creations there.)

  1. Scor-Pal & Score It by Sharon
  2. Review @ Kaboodle
  3. Review @ Craft Critique
  4. & reviewed here too by Lauren & here too
  5. Scor-Pal Review by Kris
  6. Julie's Review of the Scor-Pal
  7. The Scor-Mat review by Nichole


Some of my Tutorial faves
  1. The Purse Collection by Brenda (WOWza!)
  2. Lauren's Scor-pal envelope (So adaptable!)
  3. Valerie's A2 envelope (perfect for bulky cards)
  4. Maria's Handmade CardBox (SO sweet!)
  5. Linsey's Ice cream cones (Yummy!)
  6. Jen's Mini pizza box (cute cute cute)
  7. Lynn's Card Caddy (perfect gift)
  8. Beate's Tiny Take-out Box (awww!)

(from other sources):

The Grid Baby!:
  1. Grid cards by Judy (on
  2. Beate's grid technique tutorial
  3. One of Beate's pretty grid cards
  4. & Beate's paper-pierced grid!
  5. cwilliams stamps first & grids later (me likey!)
  6. The grid technique gallery
  7. & The "got grid" challenge gallery
  8. Grid technique (video tutorial) by Kim
  9. Gina K's Scor-Pal grid tutorial#1 (square grid)
  10. & tutorial#2 (diagonal grid)
  11. Grid window by Debbie
  12. Bead the grid
  13. Faux French Knot the grid (card here) & tutorial here
  14. Susan's bathroom tile (on
  15. Kelly's peony grid card (on
  16. Debbie's lattice (grid in a frame) (on
  17. Sanded grid! by Cary ( from
  18. Scoring with markers by Rita (on
  19. Becca' gorgeous double embossing (Cuttlebug then grid!)
  20. Faith inks the grid
  21. Cammie's grid under vellum
  22. Imastampin's neat grid angle
  23. blessingsX3's Kinkade window
  24. Rox71 uses part of a grid to add interest to a collage card
  25. Susie nelson uses block grids for paper piecing squares!
  26. Rohla's double-layer grid
  27. artystamper's cool subway tile grid look
  28. stampaholic17 Stamps a dot where grid lines meet
  29. flaxychick stamps, grids & stamps again!

Fantastic Projects:

  1. Maria's sweet simple tri-fold card
  2. & her 4x4 mini tri-fold album (video!)
  3. Heather's sweet purse-onality book
  4. Leslie's Double-accordion gatefold (that stays shut!)
  5. Beth's super Explosion Box
  6. & Beth's Tote Tutorial
  7. & her Small file box & gift box tutorial
  8. & her Recycled coaster card booklet
  9. Heather's Scor-Pal & fiskar's rotary cutter faux stitching (coolio!)
  10. Round Gatefold card tutorial by Debbie
  11. Moni's amazing folder tutorial
  12. Sharon's gorgeous way of adding lines to a card
  13. and here & here too.
  14. Scallop flap gift card holder (with Nesties) by Debbie
  15. Lace edge & Scor-Pal lines by Linda
  16. Lisa's Treat-a-lope
  17. ellepaul's double frame with eyelets
  18. Paula's envelope scrapbook tutorial
  19. Ashley's vellum pocket envelope (video)
  20. Lindsay's Tall treat boxes
  21. Scor-Pal CD case (video) by FreckledFunDesigns
  22. Scor-pal projects SCS thread
  23. A sweet card (reverse grid technique) by mom2grace
  24. Spooky sweets by Nichole
  25. Vicki's one-sheet pocket book
  26. & Vicki's never ending card tutorial (with template)
  27. Maria's coat card tutorial
  28. Sweet ruffled faux ribbon tutorial by Eleonor
  29. Party Package by Lauren (with a purse)
  30. SueR's nugget box revamped for the Scor-pal
  31. Little nugget or favour purse by Elizebeth
  32. Jen's Sweet Scrapbook Purse & Accordion Album
  33. Heather's BonBon Box (Scor-Pal & Coluzzle)
  34. Beate's partial Cuttlebug & Scor-Pal embossing Tut
  35. Partial Cuttlebug with Scor-Pal lines by Sue
  36. Sue's gorgeous Heart Prints gallery
  37. Mary Jo's Pop Up card here & her tutorial here
  38. Rose Ann's Flap card tutorial
  39. Jen's adorable 2-4-6-8 favour box
  40. Laurie's 3x3 note card box
  41. Beate's Meander Book
  42. Vicki's tri-pocket card
  43. Annette's Photo altering (neato!)
  44. & her quick grid for room planning (too clever!)
  45. & Annette's sweet little Scor-Pal frame
  46. Diane's Scor-Pal Sampler
  47. Diane's Striped cardstock
  48. & a number of her cute Scor-Pal cards
  49. Vicki's seed packet holder
  50. & her double accordion album
  51. artystamper's large embossed frame with faux stitching
  52. & #1artist4highhopes' Scor-Pal frame with faux stitch
  53. Dawn L's Scor-Pal lines as a guide to cut out squares
  54. Kharmagirl uses lines to subtly highlight ribbon
  55. Hobbywoman's classy stripes
  56. myboys makes ribbon on a gift-box shaped card
  57. Silvia's arc with Scor-pal boards here & here too
  58. Etha combines nesties with scor-pal lines to bee intricate
  59. Gift Box in a Bag by Vicki for Inspirational
  60. Kisa's Embossed Stitches
  61. Accordion fold for card embellishing shared by Chris

ETA: Schtuff I made up:

Beaded Scorpal Grid (sewn)
Beaded Scor-Pal Grid (glued)
Blinged up Scor-Pal stripes (or grid)
Distressed Scor-Pal marker grid (& an example here)
Faux French Knot (& a sample here & another example here)
Faux Tin Tile (& an example here)
Purses with gem studded Scor-Pal quilting
Brayer Gesso over a Scor-Pal grid on patterned paper

Scor-em if you got 'em! ;O)


Gwen said...

sure glad to have you back mel!!! really missed you!!! hope you enjoyed your vacation :)

Deb Neerman said...

WoWza, Mel-a-Licious, how the heck do you do all this?!? I'm exhausted just reading the post!

You da Scoring Queen!


Diane said...

Wow! How do always come up with all this stuff?? You make it easy for all of us, as viola' here is everything we ever want, right on 1 blog...thank you...thank you...thank you!!

Vicki Hook said...

I LOVE your list! How cool to have all of this info in one place! (And also so exciting for me to have some things on your list! What an honor!)

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for share!
I also have an "article" about Scor-pal in my creative space!

Bye from Italy!
And thanks again!

Penny said...

Wow Mel, how many hours in a day do you have? LOL! Thanks for all your hard work - I'm going to get myself some nice Engish tea now and have a good old browse.

Joani McDonald said...

I see you've been busy! Thanks for all the links Mel ~ It's going to take me forever to get thru this one :)


Petras-Creationen said...

Hi, i missed you. It's really nice to have you back.

You are crazy.... so many links.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You are really great.

Anonymous said...

What a great review/comparison of the two products. Very Very Helpful. I think I'd like a scor-pal.
I have a skill testing question for you. A long time ago I came across a tea cup card. It was lovely and I wanted to try it for our LSS Card class... but I can't seem to find the link. For awhile I thought it was Valita's but after searching her blog last time I didn't see it. Did you ever have a connection for a Katydid Creations blog with a teacup?? A long shot... but here's hoping :-)
Thanks for your posts they're always so helpful and informative.
Beth Greco

Anonymous said...

Ohh, here's one more challenge.. any ideas where to get hat pins on the cheap?? I figured you would if anyone! Or is there something equivalent that you could use? I've been using some wire from Michaels that has a loop on the end and then I have a package of clear plastic earring backs that I stick on the end but they're not as long or sturdy as a hat pin. I suppose floral pins would give you the length but they're sharp and pointy.. so would need something to cover the end?? Any ideas.. great guru???
Beth Greco

Janine said...

Mel you are a sweetheart and a half!! Thanks for all this information.
I am at work and must do work related things and save all this good stuff for later.
Have a good one!!

Michelle Pearson said...

whoot! What a fun bunch of links to check out. I have the scor-pal...but need to get using it!! Thanks for a bunch of inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Wowzers.. just what I had been hoping for. Hope to find a couple of hours today to peruse this site. tfs. you are one great gal for compiling this for us. MaryAnn

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mel. You have 101 links for EVERYTHING!! Thank you SO much for sharing all your links and your wonderful ideas. Now I have no excuse for not being able to find a project.


Annapurna said...

I am with Deb. Don't know how you do it with all those links. How in the world do you make a flower with a scoring tool, sorry, scor-pal the all purpose tool :-)

Don't you tempt me into buying one. I don't have room for another piece of CS in my dining room. It is bursting with stuff :-(

Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant list! Thank you so much for compiling it. I'm a newbie Scor-Pal user, and this list will be my new directory.

Anonymous said...

WOW Mel you have out done yourself. You sure bounced back with a Thank you for all your time and hard work with these list. I know I am not using my ScorPal to it's fullest. Now I can your ROCK!!!

Debbie Phx AZ

Anonymous said...

Mel, you are a stamping angel!!! I get more ideas and links here than anywhere!! Now I have enough projects to keep me busy until I'm 120 years old!!!

Unknown said...

Mel, this list is AWESOME!

While not technically a "tutorial", you were the Tutorial of the Week at Card of the You can see the original post here.

I did use a picture from your post, with links back to the site and the original post. I hope that is OK. Please feel free to email me if you need me to change anything.

I also have an “I was featured” on badge for you if you want it :D

Thanks again for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Mel, you rock!!! How do you find the time to stay on top of all this? Lucky for us you do.

Patty Williams said...

Wowzers girlie! I have been lusting over a Scor-pal :))

Love that flower!

Maria said...

Holy, Mel! Where do you find all your links! Sheesh, that's a lot of links for me to go through! It'll make me all confused trying to choose which project to work on. Thank you so much for giving your time to provide us with all the links but also, your oh-so cool projects and tutorials!

You are simply the best!!


valita said...

Mel i just got my new scor-pal your post was perfect timing.....thankyou so much. now no house work around here .....LOL...Luv Valita

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Wonderful post. I was just actually going to do a review on the scor-pal, so I'll wait a bit--LOL. Thanks for linking me up. As always, your post was very inspirational. I read you every day.

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

WOW what a great flower and WHAT a comprehensive list!!! Thanks!!!

Tonniece said...

Can't say much more then that, well maybe I could say my eyes are burning and strained, there is a worn patch from my puter to my desk, but not one thing finished cause I don't want to miss anything else you might have listed, BUT, Keep em comeing. LOL

You're the best.

Unknown said...

Very informative post. Thank you for sharing.