Friday, October 24, 2008

100+ Box templates & tutorials (Gift/Card/Treat Boxes)

Box round up!

Hope this list of free box templates, tutorials, & inspiration
for boxes is useful to You.

The templates are all linked to the people who created them,
so please just click the photos to visit them (and you can
find their terms of use there).

LinkPlease bear with me, while I work on checking the links,
adding thumbnails, and adding more current box projects to this list.

Faux Bois Box from paper crave via idiy

Wedding Cake box tutorial
from Paper Source:

Faux Bois box template & pictorial
by Jeffrey Rudell of CraftStylish:

All of K. Rebecca's templates & tutorials here

An astounding array of templates
from Marie Claire Idées (translated),

ou en français:

(These have the patterns on them)

English speakers, Please Note:
to download the boxes above, visit the original page in French by clicking on the photo. Then click the box photo that you want and click the link that says "Téléchargez le motif de la boîte." It will then load the free template & you can select file then save as. (See the blue arrow, below):

For folding instructions click the link that says
"Téléchargez les explications de pliage" and so on
then choose file & save as. (See the orange arrow, above).

DIY Dime store games in boxes (martha):

Robot & other neato Box templates
by Machintoy via the Rag & Bone blog:

3d Flip Flop box My Graphico
free SVG:

PaperCraft Inspirations retro box template:

Father's Day Tool Box kit (zip file) by SJ Dowsett
via PaperCraft Inspirations

SJ Dowsett's mini treat box & advent kit
via PaperCraft Inspirations

Sue's Little Red Wagon box from
Clear & Simple Stamps & Scor-pal:

Triangle Box:

Bug Box

Celtic Circle box:

Mirkwood - many box templates:

Natasja's Haunted Memory Box
Vicki's magazine style cardbox & her instructions found thanks to Tara's version
Dannie's Big Shot scallop envelope box tutorial found thanks to Susanna
Leslie's easy (horizontal) card box
Sharon's gift box & ornament
& Sharon's perfect presentation part I, part II, & part III
3D challenge's one sheet box (Pam & Carrie ROCK the templates in their challenges!)
& their one sheet box video tutorial
& 3D challenge's nugget box challenge linked to nugget boxes of all sizes
3D design challenge's milk carton template
& their 2-4-6-8 box template (at post bottom)
Mirkwood (loads of boxes)
Cookie Box tutorial by Kitty
Patti's amazing matchbook box week here
Chocolate Buttons (Sweet Triangle Box) template from Pink Petticoat
Box tutorials by Donna (lovely!)
Gorgeous box purse by Robbie

Another sweet box/bag (1 part) Paper Craft Inspiration template
Squidoo list of free box templates
dome box from
Kate's Caddy (too brilliant!)
Stationery Box by Ching-a-Ling
Sheila's Spiral patterned boxes, lovely!
Jenn's large gift box (video)
Kelly's box with a lid tutorial (so sweet!)
Cool Stationery gift box by Rachel
Debbie shared this amazing bread box tutorial by Mary Jo & the first one she made here too. Thanks Debbie! You ROCK and that bread box is divine. :O)
Cammie's wicked box tutorial
3 favour box templates (Martha)
Sue's adorable flip-top box tutorial
Rachel's mini pizza box
& her sweet divided card box
& her little chocolate box
s card holder box tutorial (magazine holder style)
The Craft's Department Purim treats template
Martha "box template" search

Have a great day!

Some boxes I've made (or link lists):

The tutorial for this
4 2/8" square Box is here
  1. Twenty-five 3x3 links
  2. 4 2/8" box (pizza box style)
  3. 4 2/8" box (top opening)
  4. Over 100 Purse boxes
  5. 3 inch gift box
  6. Dress shaped Box (with matching cards & embellishments)
  7. Easy lidless box
  8. House shaped box
  9. Icicle box (ornament --or carrot box)
  10. Trapezoid Box
  11. Sproingy spider box
  12. Wee purse
  13. Box with lid(2 5/8 " square)
  14. Tag box (and pocket tag template)
  15. 2-5-7-10 Box (love this box) & another one
  16. Witchin' Tote
  17. Extended 2-4-6-8 Box
  18. Penguin 3x3 with acetate layers
  19. 2 2/8" box with scallops & lining
  20. 1" by 5.5" tall skinny box
  21. 2 5/8" box with pinwheel
  22. 2 5/8" square box with snowy hills
  23. Tote handbag Box template
  24. Another Tote handbag box & 50+ gift bag templates
  25. Double box (lined acrylic 3x3)
  26. Cupcake shaped boxes (3 sizes) and some lots more cupcake links here
  27. 4.5 by 6 inch box (for standard cards & envelopes)
  28. Rounded basket box (4 2/8" by 2 7/8" at the bottom & 6 1/2" by 3 3/4" at the top.
  29. Tall purse box (3 7/8" high, 2 5/8" wide, & 2 2/8" deep at bottom.)
  30. Large gift basket (or open top box) (5 4/8" wide, 2 4/8" deep, & 4 2/8" high)
  31. Lots of House Boxes
  32. Tombstone treat boxes
  33. Standing Coffin Box (top opening)
  34. Stampin Up coffin box (top opening)
  35. Pumpkin 3x3 Box
  36. Tool Belt Box
  37. Daisy 3x3 Box
  38. Altered card (photo) box

Card Boxes:
  1. 3 inch Square Box (for note cards or gift)
  2. 3x3 Tote Box (and 41 3x3 templates) here.
  3. Deep Card Box
  4. Dress shaped Box (with matching cards & embellishments)


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I have a small matchbox tutorial on my site.

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These sneak peek is go be so interested! I love box templates! Off to check them all out! Thanks!

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WOW! Thanks for all the links. I only got about a third of the way thru them. I couldn't open the Martha Stewart one, and wanted to share another cool one that I came across yesterday that can hold a mini loaf of bread. I made it already and it is super easy.

here is the tutorial and a sample:

and here is the first one she made:

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Thanks so much, Mel, for all the box links. There are some new ones here I had not seen.


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Thanks for all your generous sharing and great ideas!

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Hi there- Im a mother from South South Africa and I have absolutely no craft experience and was despairing of helping my little on with creating a gift box. Thanks so much for these amazing templates- it helped retain my cool mom status!

Ideogram said...

Hi! Great collection of templates. I created a website where you can create templates for boxes with *custom* dimensions, so you're not stuck to given size or proportions. No fee whatsoverer, no subsribtion. I just like to share it, because I'm convinced it can be very useful!

Christine said...

Hi from East Devon in England. I have to make a box for some handmade sweets for a Women's Institute competition by tomorrow. I was browsing the Internet looking for templates and came across your wonderful blog. Thank you so much for sharing your extensive knowledge!

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Wow! Your post is full of treasures! Thank you for being so inspiring... The bird house drive me crazy..!
My warmest wishes from Italy