Thursday, May 15, 2008

TEMPLATES (3D projects) at a glance

Edited to Add: This list is an old list & I haven't been well enough to update it. If you'd like to scroll through all the posts with templates, please click this link. Hope some of them are usefully to You!


This is a link list of some of the templates & 3D projects I have here on my blog.
If you have a request for a template you'd like to see, please contact me; I'm happy to make it for you. Any question, comment, or creative criticism is more than welcome. :0)

Basics of Box Building tutorial here
Shaped card tutorial here
Making your own Templates tutorial here

Most popular:

  1. Purses: Over 100 Purse templates (link-list)
  2. Butterflies: Butterfly templates (link-list)
  3. Purse (3x3 inch for note cards/gift)
  4. Envelope templates (100+)
  5. 3 inch square box (for notes or a fancy gift)
  6. & 3x3 Tote Box +16 more 3x3 templates here.
  7. Carrot box (or icicle box) long triangle
  8. Coffin box
  9. Envelope templates
  10. Cup Cake shaped Boxes (based on Linsey's yummy card design)
  11. Tool Belt Box & card (template & tutorial) (for father's day gift/for handy peoples)
  12. Dress shaped Box (with matching cards & embellishments) & Several more dress templates linked here.
  13. Big Template Link List (a whack of templates & clip art)
  14. Flower shaped card (6" & smaller sizes)
  15. Flowers:
Link-List of over 100 purse templates
Simple Purse to hold 3 inch by 3 inch note cards (or a little gift...)
Purse Parts for tote
Purse boxes (for note cards or gifts)
Mini Purses

Over 50 bag template links
Large Tote
Easiest bag ever (only two straigt folds)
Gift Card Totes

Mini purse baskets


4 2/8" box (top opening)
4 2/8" box (pizza box style)
2-5-7-10 Box (love this box) & another one
3 inch gift box
Cutest purse box ever
Dress shaped Box (with matching cards & embellishments)
Easy lidless box
House shaped box
Icicle box (ornament --or carrot box)
Trapezoid Box
Sproingy spider box
Wee purse
Box with lid(2 5/8 " square)
Tag box (and pocket tag template)
Snow man shaped boxes
As photo faced snow-people

Card Boxes:
3 inch Square Box (for note cards or gift)
3x3 Tote Box (and 16 3x3 templates) here.
Deep Card Box
Dress shaped Box (with matching cards & embellishments)

Card shapes:
Dress shaped card (with matching box & embellishments)
Various Links to Dress shaped card Templates
Dress shapes for projects
Butterflies (shaped templates to add to projects)
Flower shaped card (6" & smaller sizes)

100+ envelope templates, tutorials, & inspiration here

A link list of my envelope templates
(Has 7 templates: 6 sizes and 1 with mini envelopes & pockets)
Need a custom size? If I can fit it on my scanner, I'll make it for you.

Belly-Band-elope :0) No template cause it's that easy. Saves paper.
Another example of a belly-band-elope

Posts with Pictures of Envelopes:
Pinwheel--S.U. template resized (and links to lots of templates)
Seed Packet template by Katy
Bookmarks & folder (and lots of bookmark links)
7-flower pop-up card tutorial by Cpeep

Faux-stitching Templates:
Leaves and flourishes

Petals for homemade shaped flowers
5-petal Flowers (Altered Martha Stewart flowers in Multiple-sizes)
Dahlias or Mums and cornflowers (altered Martha template)
Lotus Flower for a shaped card (or decoration or bow for gift...)
Resized 8-petal Mirkwood flower
Rounded flower in three sizes
Daisy template (Martha template resized)

Glue pen embossing/embroidery/clip art:
Embroidery pattern links
Textile Patterns
Great Clip art site

3 Dimensional/ Altered Projects:
Altered Kleenex Box and Office Set
Book Spine Bookmarks
Covered Journal (with aluminum tape & chipboard)
Covered Journal (with buttons)
Flower fridge magnets
Jewelery Box (with a silk flower)
Mini book (for passwords)
Photo Box (altered & turned into card box)
Shaped paper bloom tutorial
Lisa Yuen's shaped paper blooms
Soap gift ensemble: soap with wrap (belly band) & card
Soaps with Stamps
Stamping on Candles (poetry)
The Book that Ate a Book & a Bookmark Folder
Button push pins (and lots of button project links)

I'll keep adding to this list as I blog more projects, so please feel free to come back whenever you like. ;0). There's a button right under my blog banner that will bring you here (it's called TEMPLATES.)

Thanks for stopping by!


Claire said...

I cannot believe how much work you did to get this. Thank you so very much. How awesome is this

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,
Once again, I think you are amazing. Thanks for sharing all of your resourses!

Elaine said...

You're a fabulous resource and this is truly an amazing number of patterns! Thank you~

tombecca said...

hi mel, thank you for sharing your ideas. i love your blog and i am amazed how you create all these great projects:) i hope you dont mind me asking but have you ever designed a dvd box template or do you know where i might find one? thank you

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Hi "tombecca" I tried to answer you with this link for a DVD envelope but you are set for "No reply" with your blogger ID. Sorry I have no way to get back to you. Hope you see this! :O)

There's a really Great DVD envelopeHERE.

Best, :O) Mel

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for making these templates available to us in one easy place. You've prolly saved most of us hours in the creative process!!

Anonymous said...

My mom, sis and I are just rediscovering the card making world, and your fun, cute tempaltes will make our creative time that much more creative, thanks soo much for posting these templates!

Jill said...

Thank you so much for compiling this list. I have had it bookmarked for months and every time I access it, I am amazed at your hard work. Just wanted to thank you again!

The home remodeling said...

I was looking for these kind of templates and until now I had to roam around the internet to find one here and there. Thanks so much for making all these really amazing templates available in one location. This post has made my life so much easier :) Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I am having so much fun with these bucket handbags. Thank you for posting them and sharing them with all of us. My children and I have made 13 of them since yesterday!! :)